Can You Bring Hand Sanitizer On A Plane? If Yes, How Much?

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Hand sanitizers are now widely available at airports, train stations, hotels, restaurants, and other public places. The question is: Can I bring my own hand sanitizer on board a flight? And how much should I take?

Hand sanitizers contain alcohol (ethanol) and are effective against viruses such as influenza, cold sores, and chickenpox. They also kill bacteria and fungi.

You can bring your own hand sanitizer on board a flight. The amount of hand sanitizer you can bring as a carry-on is 12 ounces. However, it must be in a sealed container that has been approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation for use on aircraft.

The FAA does not approve or recommend any specific products for this purpose. It recommends that passengers follow these guidelines when using hand sanitizers:

  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after touching surfaces.
  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent ethanol to reduce the risk of infection from viruses like norovirus.
  • Avoid contact with eyes, nose, mouth, and open cuts.
  • Keep hands away from face and cover coughs/sneezes.
  • Do not apply more than one application per minute.
  • Sanitize frequently touched objects and surfaces.

What is The Rule Regarding Liquids On A Plane?

The airlines do allow you to take a small amount of liquid onto the plane if it is sealed in a clear plastic bag. If you’re flying with an alcoholic beverage, then you have to put it into your checked luggage.

Liquids and gels must be placed in a clear plastic bag and sealed prior to being loaded aboard the aircraft.

If the liquid or gel exceeds 1 quart in volume, it must be packed in a leakproof container.

No person may carry any item or substance aboard an airplane unless it has been inspected by a Customs officer and found free from harmful pests, vermin, and disease.

You can bring liquids on board but they need to be packed in a clear plastic bag which is sealed and labeled with what type of liquid it is. They also need to be under 4 ounces. You cannot bring anything over this limit on board the plane.

How Much Sanitizer Can You Carry On A Plane?

There’s no limit on the number of containers you can carry on a plane, but each container needs to meet certain requirements.

However, regardless of the number of bottles you carry, you can only carry an aggregate of 12 ounces of hand sanitizer as a carry-on.

If you want to pack multiple containers, make sure they don’t exceed the maximum size allowed for checked baggage. Each container must be able to fit into a standard overhead bin.

Do You Need Permission From Your Airline Before Bringing Hand Sanitizer?

No. You do not need permission from your airline to bring hand sanitizer aboard your flight.

However, some airlines require passengers to check-in all liquids, including hand sanitizer, prior to boarding. Check with your carrier to see what policy applies to you.

What About Hand Wipes?

Some airlines allow passengers to bring their own wipes. But these wipes do not meet the same safety standards as hand sanitizers. To ensure the highest level of protection, we suggest bringing your own hand sanitizers.

What About Alcoholic Beverages?

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on all commercial flights. This includes beer, wine, spirits, and hard liquor.

However, some airlines allow passengers to bring their own alcoholic beverages onboard. These include wine coolers, which are typically made up of two 12 oz. cans of wine mixed together.

Some airlines prohibit passengers from bringing food or drinks onto the airplane. Check with your airline to see what rules apply to your trip.

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