Can You Carry Condoms on an Airplane?

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Are you planning a trip to Paris, or maybe Greece for a romantic getaway with your partner? Or maybe you just plan to enjoy your freedom, sitting by the beach, soaking in the sun, and well, ‘making’ the most out of your vacation. No matter what, before fun always comes the precaution. So, the question is, can you carry condoms on an airplane? 

We’ve answered it for you in an intricately detailed manner in this post, besides multiple other questions.

Can you carry condoms on an airplane?

Absolutely. We do not see any reason, and neither does TSA, as to why you should not be carrying condoms on an airplane. Whether you are traveling on a domestic flight or an international one, you can bring condoms with you. 

While some countries are not very up-and-front regarding sexual activism, mostly countries from the middle-east, you can carry condoms on an airplane anywhere in the world. There is no ban on carrying condoms on a flight in any country whatsoever.

Countless people are afraid that the TSA officials might detain condoms at the customs, or they might have to face interrogation or subtle informal disapproval by the security check. All of this is just a floating fear. 

No one can detain you for bringing condoms with you. About officials questioning you about the condom, you do not need to fret because they are completely legal to be carried on flights. 

Besides, the officials at the security check have probably seen it all and they most definitely do not care about the contraceptive protection you are carrying on your getaway.

Checked-in luggage and Carry-on

You can carry condoms in both your checked-in luggage and your carry-on. A lot of people prefer to keep the condoms in checked-in luggage to avoid the security officers from gauging around their purse and finding their favorite tropical-flavored condoms (and being judged for it).

However, we suggest carrying condoms in your hand baggage, not only because it is more convenient but also because the temperature in the cargo hold of a plane can fluctuate. Fluctuations in temperature, especially on a long-haul flight, might impact the effectiveness of the pack of condoms.

When you carry them in your handbag, your purse, or even in the laptop bag that you retained with yourself on the flight, there is much less possibility of extreme change in temperature.

On top of this, you need to be doubly careful when packing condoms in checked-in baggage because they are not exactly given very tender care during your whole flight experience; therefore, if the space inside also contains sharp objects, it could damage the condom.

Good question, Jake! Condoms are allowed in carry-on bags. We don’t limit quantity. Pls visit:

— AskTSA (@AskTSA) November 9, 2016

Isn’t it too cold for condoms in the cabin area?

It never gets ‘too’ cold in the cabin-hold, in the first place. So, it is absolutely safe to carry condoms with you in hand baggage and place them in the cabin-hold. 

Is there a limit to the number of condoms you can carry?

No, there is no limit to the number of condoms you take with you. However, both hand baggage and checked-in luggage have a certain weight and size allowance, beyond which you will have to pay for the extra weight. 

What about female condoms?

A condom is a condom, regardless of who it is designed for – it serves the same purpose of safe sex. The point is, female condoms are allowed on airplanes too. You can carry them in both your hand baggage or the checked-in baggage.

Can you carry condoms in your trousers?

You can not just stow condoms in your trousers at the airport during security checks. It is because you are supposed to remove all items, whatsoever, from your trouser pockets and jackets during the security check. 

If you have a long-forgotten condom lying around carelessly in your pocket, it will alarm the security check at the gate. This will end up wasting your time to get the security to verify what the alarm was about. 

The best way to go about this is to keep the condom in your hand-baggage as long as you are going through the security check, and then put it back into your pocket (although you won’t really need it on the flight). So, technically yes, you can carry condoms in your trousers IN THE FLIGHT and not during the security check.

What other contraceptive objects can you carry on an airplane?

As the world progresses, people have moved on from condoms being the only method of contraception. So, you must be wondering, what else apart from condoms could you carry on an airplane to ensure you are all set for your romantic getaway.

Contraceptive Pills

The oral contraceptive pills, as well as ‘morning after’ pills, also known as emergency contraception pills, are all allowed in flight in any country. 

Since these pills contain hormones, they are best preserved when kept at normal temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended to carry them in your hand baggage and keep them in the cabin, rather than the cargo hold. 

You can either bring the pills in their original boxes or transfer them to a transparent Ziploc bag before sliding them into your hand baggage.

Contraceptive Ring

Since an already-installed contraceptive ring is a different matter of discussion, let’s talk strictly about the scope of carrying a new and unused contraceptive ring on a flight. Is it allowed? Yes, it is. Since contraceptive rings are not as common as pills and condoms, the customs officers might want to have a look at what it is. Own it and say it straight; your sexuality is your prerogative!


Since diaphragms are reusable, you should either use their original packaging (given they are new) or keep them in a clean, transparent Ziploc, so they can easily be scrutinized by the screening machine without causing an alarm. Also, in case of rummaging around your hand baggage, the diaphragm, in a package, will already be safe from the hands of a customs officer. 

Contraceptive patch

A contraceptive patch looks much like a nicotine patch, so it might fall right on the customs’ radar. However, it is legal to carry a contraceptive patch on an airplane, which means if the officers interrogate you about the patch, you just need to explain to them what it is.

Apart from this, since contraceptive patches release hormones, it is best to carry them in your hand-baggage instead of the checked-in baggage.


Since spermicides come in the form of gel or cream, you may carry them with you on your flight, but you must follow the Liquids Rule by TSA. The liquids rule states that any liquid, be it in water, gel, or cream form, must not be carried in amounts more than 3 oz. in the hand-baggage. 

Thus, if you are carrying spermicide in the hand baggage, make sure that you do not carry more than 3 oz. of it.

It is vividly clear that you can carry as much spermicide as you want in the checked-in baggage. However, the extreme temperature can alter the chemicals in it. Therefore, it is advisable to carry it in the carry-on with you.

Apart from these, you can also carry cervical caps, birth control sponges, etc. too.

Can you carry adult toys on an airplane?

Now that we have covered the precautionary part, adult toys come next in line. So, can you carry adult toys on an airplane? Whether it’s a discreet-looking vibrator or bondage, the customs rules regarding sex toys vary wildly in different countries. 

Most countries allow sex toys given that they can be turned on when instructed by the security official. This helps the security official analyze whether the object is harmless or not in order to maintain safety and security protocols. 

If you have a rechargeable sex toy, make sure that the battery is drained before you pack it. If the toy uses batteries, discard the battery – all this avoids impromptu buzzing in case the security decides to fiddle around with your luggage. 

It should also be noted that sex toys that are made of hard material and larger than usual may be considered harmful and therefore get confiscated at the customs. In the UK, it is a rule that all tools that go through customs must be under 6 inches in size.

The idea is to pack travel-friendly sex aids only. You can carry your toy in both your hand luggage and your checked-in baggage. However, it is best to pack it in its original packing or a transparent bag in the checked-in luggage. 

Before we get to which kinds of sex toys you can travel with and which ones are not allowed anywhere in the customs, let us have a look at the list of countries that have banned sex toys altogether. 

Countries that have banned sex toys

If you are traveling to any of these countries, it is best to suppress your attachment to your favorite adult toy and leave them back at home.

1. Maldives

As much as Brits and Americans alike love to travel to the Maldives to explore the blue lagoons, taking your sex toy to the country can get you in trouble. Sex toys come under the category of ‘pornographic material’ wholly banned by the Maldives Customs Service.

2. Saudi Arabia

Not only sex toys but also a few types of massagers can fall under the category of ‘pronographic material’ in Saudi Arabia and therefore be confiscated.

3. Malaysia

MPC or Malaysian Penal Code strictly bans the selling, distribution, or possession of obscene objects such as sex toys, books, papers, and paintings with obscene figures, etc. If the customs service finds you with any object that is deemed obscene by Malaysian law, you can be punished with imprisonment, fine, or both.

4. The United Arab Emirates

The UAE, including the seven emirates states,  has prohibited the usage of adult toys in the country. 

5. Thailand and Vietnam

Adult toys are categorized as prohibited goods in Thailand and must not be imported into the country. 

Vietnam, in 2011, stated that sex toys would not be allowed in the country, and if travelers are found bringing one with them, the toys shall be confiscated and returned when the passenger leaves.

6. India

Although adult toys are not exactly banned in India, if they are not discreet enough and fuel ‘overtly sexual thoughts and behaviours in public,’ they are deemed prohibited.

More specifically, objects with a phallic shape are not allowed, and this includes books, representations, figures, etc. too.

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