Can You Take Disposable Cameras on an Airplane?

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Do you love traveling? Then, of course, you might also love taking many travel photos. And what a great way to take pictures hassle-free than a disposable camera. 

Why not? Disposable cameras are travel-friendly and cheap. But, if it’s your first time flying with a disposable camera, you might not have considered packing it correctly. Let alone think about the damage it may cause to your unprocessed film.

The bitter truth is that an x-ray can damage your film. You can even find a warning at the back of the camera package. So, to keep your disposable camera film from getting ruined, check the tips below, and you will be good to go. 

Step #1: Get a Digital Disposable Camera

The first thing is to buy a disposable digital camera if possible. The digital film in the camera is not vulnerable to getting ruined by x-ray machines.  So, you won’t have to worry every time you pass the security checks. 

This way, you can travel hassle-free and enjoy your travel trip.

Step #2: Pack the Disposable Camera in Carry-on Bag

If you can’t find a disposable digital camera, you need to know how to pack your disposable camera correctly. Before you arrive at the airport, place your undeveloped film or the disposable camera into a plastic zip-lock bag, the ones you use to carry liquids.

Now, try to put it in the carry-on bag instead of checked baggage. Kotak mentions that carry-on bags are likely to get scanned by less intense radiation. And less radiation means zero or fewer chances of damage. 

The checked baggage passes through high-intensity x-rays, and that too multiple times. It will often damage the unprocessed film. 

Step #3: Request to Hand-check the Carry-on Bag

When you arrive at the security checkpoint, remove the disposable from the carry-on bag and bring it with you. Once it’s your turn to get checked, politely ask the security staff to hand-check your disposable camera bag. 

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations allow hand-searching the photographic film and equipment during security checks. But you might have to request them for it. 

Step #4: Use a Lead-lined Bag

Another way is to use a lead-lined container to store your disposable camera film. Some retailers sell lead-lined carry-on bags to protect the film and disposable cameras from the harmful effects of x-ray. However, the quality of lead-lined bags can vary, and so can the protection it offers. 

Check with the manufacturer to confirm the level of protection your lead-lined bags offer to be sure.

Protecting Disposable Camera

Disposable cameras are a great option for traveling. They are convenient and inexpensive. Since the film inside the camera is undeveloped, it’s better to take precautions while running it through security checks at the airport. 

The safest option is requesting the security staff hand-check your disposable camera. If that’s not allowed, keep the disposable camera in the carry-on bag. Because a single or two scans will not affect the film. 

So, please don’t panic; it will be fine. 

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