What is the Difference Between Gazole and Diesel in France

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Have you ever wondered What is the difference between Gazole and Diesel in France? While they may seem interchangeable, there are distinct differences between the two.

This article will explore the difference, the fuel prices, and the best locations to refuel in France. Stick around to find out more.

Gazole – What it means in a gas station

The terms Gazole and Diesel are often used in France. Regarding fuel, the two terms mean the same thing.

  • As most of you know, quality fuel improves the performance and longevity of your car, be it premium diesel or premium unleaded.
  • You can get this supply from petrol stations that sell Gazole since most cars in France use diesel.
  • The fuel prices vary depending on the buying location.
Gazole - What it means in a gas station

What Is Diesel Called In French?

Gazole is the term used when referring to diesel in France.

Is Gazole Diesel?

Yes, Gazole is the same as diesel in France. Many petrol stations in France have pumps with the “Gazole” label. You would wonder whether it’s the same as diesel or not. Similar to the case of premium unleaded petrol, there are two grades of Gazole. Cetane levels in them differentiate the two variants.

Aside from knowing fuel prices, it’s also crucial to know the fuel your car needs. Putting the wrong one affects driving performance, and the cost of pumping it out is high. Most service stations have attendants who you can consult in case of queries.

Is Gazole Diesel?

“Gazole” and “Diesel”: What’s the Difference in France?

There is no significant difference between “Gazole” and diesel in France. The two usually mean the same and have almost similar fuel prices; you can use either on your vehicle. However, there are some naming instances encountered that are confusing.

What is the Difference Between Gazole and Diesel in France. "Gazole" and "Diesel": What's the Difference in France?

Cleaning Additives

When cruising through France, you will likely encounter petrol stations with a pump labeled ‘super’ or ‘ultra’:

  • This is attributed to the different additives incorporated.
  • It is speculated that the purity levels, cetane number, and lubricating agents are responsible for the difference.
  • The additives also cause differences in fuel prices.
Cleaning Additives

Brand Names

You might encounter different brand names for Gazole. Either “Diesel Ultra” or “Gazole Supra.”

  • These names are based on the petrol stations which claim them as a brand.
  • The brands are still the same as Gazole, and Diesel is synonymously used, although their fuel prices may slightly differ.
  • Some petrol stations use their brand names in advertising.
  • A good example is the ‘bp ultimate diesel gasoil’, which is used to conform with the France language advertising rules.
  • The brands are the same; you can fill your tank with Diesel without worrying.
Brand Names

How Much Will You Spend Buying Diesel in France Petrol Stations?

Fuel prices in France vary based on location and type of stations. There are alternatives based on your needs. Let’s take a look at the fuel prices you will incur to fill your tank;

Cheap Refueling

Fuel prices are lower in unmanned petrol stations in France. These service stations offer various types of fuels and are located around supermarkets.

  • The prices are low to attract customers who come and shop at the stores.
  • You get to shop and save money by refueling at a cheaper price.
  • Be on the lookout for signs to find these supermarkets.
  • The fuel prices along toll and fast roads are slightly higher than on average roads.
Cheap Refueling

Automatic Vending Machines

There are permanently crewless filling stations that use vending machines:

  • These machines are standard in Europe.
  • The fuel prices vary, and you purchase using a credit or bank card.
  • A typical amount ranging from 100-150 Euros is used as a pre-authorization fee.
  • Depending on your bank, the amount will be refunded within 20 minutes or longer.
Automatic Vending Machines

Diesel Prices

There is a regional impact on fuel prices in France:

  • Diesel costs more in less densely populated areas.
  • Vehicles in Paris pay slightly less than those in Western France’s marginalized areas.

The diesel fuel prices in France are almost the same as in other European countries. A liter of Gazole costs about $1.96 in France. Other products like LPG cost slightly less than in the UK. Premium unleaded costs are much higher than in the UK.

Diesel Prices

Payment Methods

Cash is the preferred payment method for most stations during working hours. Bank cards and credit cards are also accepted to pay for fuel. At some crewed stations, especially at night, you pay in advance before refueling. You are asked to pay at the cash register before proceeding.

Use the most suitable payment method for you when paying.

Payment Methods


Here are some of the common questions concerning “Gazole” in France. They have precise answers to give you better insight;

Is diesel a gazole French?

Gazole is the word for diesel in the France national language.

Is gas oil the same as diesel in France?

Yes, Gas oil is the same as diesel in France. The two can be used interchangeably but mean the same. Their fuel prices are also almost similar.

Can I carry diesel in my car in France?

Yes, you can carry a maximum of 10 liters of diesel in your spare tank in France.

Is diesel expensive in France?

No, diesel is not expensive in France. The country shares fuel prices with other countries in Europe, and it will cost you almost the same when you buy fuel in the UK. Compared to premium unleaded, diesel is cheaper.

How to buy diesel in France?

You have different alternatives to choose from when refueling in France. Just like the rest of Europe, you can buy diesel from unmanned vending machines or gas-selling establishments along the roads.


What is the difference between Gazole and Diesel in France? You can interchange “Gazole” and “Diesel” to refer to diesel in France. Some fuels have extra additives that give you a better experience as you drive. The government has put measures in place to ensure it is safe, a good example being the ban on leaded petroleum products.

Choosing the best fuel for your cars enhances effectiveness and longevity, be it premium unleaded, diesel, or petrol. We have covered the fuel prices, where to buy, and payment methods. Comment below and let us know what you want me to research next.

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