What Does Double Shuttle Mean: 4 Things to Consider When Renting a Car

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Be it a personal trip or a business trip, traveling has been made a lot easier since the introduction of double shuttle services. You must be wondering “what does double shuttle mean“?

A shuttle is provided by the car rental service off the airport. The travelers are taken from the airport terminal to the location of the rental car via a bus. It is an effort by the rental car center to save travelers from the hassle of locating the car.

Read on to learn about Priceline of rental car center, its availability, service, and why double shuttle is the best choice. So, let’s get started!

What Does Shuttle Mean in Rental Cars?

What Does Shuttle Mean in Rental Cars

A shuttle bus is a service that is used by travelers to travel from one place to the other. Most buses are operational throughout the day and travel between locations at regular intervals.

The pick-up point for the bus may be a few minute’s walks away from your location so you must reach a little early.

Does One Need to Book Both the Shuttle and the Car?

What Does Double Shuttle Mean

When booking a rental car, it is important to consider whether the rental vehicle is supported by a shuttle service.

Especially when traveling with your family, it is advised to rent a car that is supported.

Rental Company Shuttle

Rental company shuttle means using transportation that will take the travelers off the airport and to their rental car.

Rental cars are not readily parked at the airport due to high parking fares instead the cars are parked at a nearby location. This is why the rental companies have regular interval pick-ups scheduled for travelers from the airport terminals.

Airport Shuttle or Rental Car Center

Airport Shuttle or Rental Car Center

Navigating through all those terminals and baggage claim exit areas is a tedious process. Then looking for your rental car from that airport location to the spot where the car is parked can add to the frustration. Hence travelers are advised to rent a car that has a shuttle service included.

What should one do if shuttle service is not included?

If it is not included, the airport car rental company might offer it as an add-on feature.

Typically airport car rental companies have their own desk set up at the terminal where one can find all the paperwork and keys to the vehicles.

Taxi Service

Taxi Service

In peak season, the price of renting a car can be high due to an increase in demand. In such a case it is recommended to get a taxi:

  1. A taxi can easily be hailed from an airport terminal without having to wait.
  2. Taxis charge as per the distance traveled thus they are much cheaper.
  3. The taxi driver will also handle your luggage upon arriving at the airport.

Taking Your Own Vehicle

If someone is looking for privacy, companies also provide you with the option to drive the car yourself. This requires the customer to book a car in advance of their arrival. The vehicle will be dropped off at a location of the customer’s choice. If the customer opts for this option, they will have to handle their own luggage.

Explaining Double Shuttle in Detail

Explaining Double Shuttle in Detail

Double shuttle means that a customer will have to take two different buses to reach their desired location. Some details:

  1. The shuttles are located in front of the airport but if a passenger is having trouble finding the buses, they could track the location of their shuttles through mobile apps.
  2. The first bus could be boarded from the airport to the company site.
  3. While the second bus could be boarded from the company site to the location of the car that a customer is renting.


When it comes to prices, Priceline is the industry leader in double shuttles. A passenger can easily find a cheap deal on their car but this comes with a catch.

The Priceline cars are located at some distance from the airport thus the passenger will have to travel to the location using the double shuttle.

Note: The saved money comes at the opportunity cost of traveling for another hour or so.


Typically the rental car center is located at terminal 1 and travelers reach terminal 3 upon arriving. While travelers could choose to move to Terminal 1 using the inter-terminal shuttles, most travelers prefer to walk.


Services are important to consider when making your decision on which company to opt for. Some companies have their garage right near the airport, but they charge more and there is usually a long waiting line for processing.

While a rental center that has a garage at a distant location will charge less, the customer will have to spend time shuttling to the garage.


What does double shuttle mean. Time.

If a passenger is looking to get their hands on the keys quickly and has to arrive someplace fast, it is advised to opt for a company that has a garage near the airport’s location. In this case, using a double shuttle might not be the ideal choice as it could take up to 1 extra hour.

Location of Vehicle

The location of the vehicle and the related costs are always directly proportional. The farther the car, the lower the cost. The closer the location of the vehicle, the higher the cost.

One should make a decision based on whether they have time, who they are traveling with, and where is their destination.

Why Double Shuttle is the Best Choice?

Choosing a double shuttle to the location of the vehicle is a wise option due to the following benefits:

  1. Rentals are very economical
  2. It is environment-friendly
  3. Companies have regular pick-ups scheduled
  4. Shuttle service add-ons are offered for nominal fees
  5. It can save time if the passengers’ hotels are in the direction of the shuttles.

Using a shuttle is also environment-friendly. Instead of every passenger traveling in a separate car, a shuttle is one vehicle located inside the airport that starts from the first terminal and picks up customers from all other terminals one by one.


What does it mean shuttle bus?

A shuttle bus is a bus service that is used to transport people between two locations. It may have multiple stops on its route.

Why is it called a shuttle?

It is called a shuttle bus as it “shuttles” people from one location to another. The bus is usually operated from airports, hotels, and colleges.

How big is a shuttle bus?

On average, a shuttle is 7.1 meters long, 2.3 meters wide, and can house 14 to 16 seats.

How many people can fit on a shuttle?

Shuttles can transport 8 to 16 people simultaneously, depending on the size, make, and model of the shuttle.

How does shuttle transport work?

A shuttle transports multiple people between two defined locations. A passenger may even subscribe services of a company for regular transportation.

Is the shuttle a 7-seater?

No, a shuttle can house 14 to 16 seats, depending on the size, make, and model of the bus.


For anyone traveling with their family, we highly advise you to book a shuttle service to avoid any inconvenience. Here are the four main factors that you should consider when booking a shuttle: availability, wait time, location of the rental vehicle, and car rental.

Would you consider traveling via a double shuttle on your next trip? Comment down below to let us know which airport car rental is better suited for your trip, as we would love to hear your point of view!

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