Ticket Pending American Airlines: 5 Reasons Behind The Issue

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Remember the last time you planned to travel and booked a ticket with American Airlines, only to see your ticket status was pending? So what does “ticket pending American Airlines” mean?

This standard encounter puzzles most travelers and puts them in a state of confusion. Keep reading and I’ll highlight the probable causes of the issue and give you remedies to alleviate it. Let’s get straight into it!

Ticket Pending

Ticket Pending American Airlines?

I remember some time back, traveling to Europe and choosing American Airlines as my means of transportation. Upon booking my flight ticket, I observed a pending status indicated on my ticket. Many passengers using this airline can relate to this and often ask themselves.

Ticket Pending

So what does ticket pending mean? Simply put, ticket pending means there is an incompletion of events or challenges with the booking process. Think of it as a purgatory during ticket booking. The pending notification shouldn’t cause you any worries because it is a natural stage.

Important! However, you may begin raising eyebrows when your ticket remains pending for a long time.
Willa Carson
Travelling is an interesting activity for some, but it has become a lifestyle for me. I have traveled to several locations using different airline services, and ticket pending is an issue most people encounter. When it happens, and you wait an extended period, I recommend contacting the customer service panel to help you. Willa Carson, Traveler and Senior Writer at Happywayfarrer

Time Allotted for American Airlines to Confirm a Flight Ticket

American Airlines is a popular airline that ferries numerous people to different parts of the globe and within the US. Due to their renowned nature, they are usually professional in service execution.

Time Allotted for American Airlines to Confirm a Flight Ticket

When you book a ticket with American Airlines, your flight ticket will be confirmed in a few minutes. However, confirming your ticket upon receiving a reservation could take up to a whole day, based on certain circumstances.

  • Email: The simplest way to know that your ticket validation has gone through is by reviewing the confirmation notification sent to your email.
  • App: Similarly, you can regularly check your app to identify any new communication.
  • AA Website: Perhaps, like me, you are a thorough person. In this case, visit the American Airlines website and key in your confirmation number to confirm the status of your ticket.
Important! While patience is a virtue, it can quickly become frustrating if your flight ticket takes more than a day. If this happens, promptly contact American Airlines to help resolve the issue.

5 Factors Contributing to Your American Airlines Ticket Pending

Several factors could contribute to your ticket’s pending status. Let’s review them.

5 Factors Contributing to Your American Airlines Ticket Pending

1. Technical Faults

Like any machine, airline ticketing systems are prone to malfunctions and errors. Such occurrences could result in a delay or mishappening during ticket booking, causing the pending status.

2. Weather-Related Events

Mother Nature could play a role in your pending AA ticket. Whenever American Airlines receives weather briefs, they refrain from verifying the tickets until they know the flight status. Weather changes could also lead to delays in flight schedules or cancellations.

3. Increased Booking Volume

You are likelier to encounter this phenomenon during holidays. Travelers turn up in such large throngs that the reservation system may be impeded.The system delay also happens when American Airlines introduces a promotion.

Increased Booking Volume

4. Payment Authentication

When travelers pay, the airline must verify the payment. The delay could vary based on the payment method employed. For instance, cash payments are likely to take longer than bank payments. Similarly, the time you pay for your ticket could also play a role.

5. Travel Changes

Have you booked a flight before and changed your destination? Such changes in the flight schedule will result in pending tickets. Other factors contributing to this may include global events or weather restrictions.

Remedies to Counter a Pending Ticket

In this section, I will guide you through maneuvering your ticket pending status. Let’s get into these solutions.

Remedies to Counter a Pending Ticket

1. Constantly Review Your Email

Upon noticing your American Airlines ticket status is still pending, refresh your email. Essential details on the booking process may have been relayed to your email by AA customer service.

2. Ensure Payment is at Par

Payment verification is paramount to clearing your ticket’s pending status. You will not receive a full ticket number if your payment doesn’t reflect on America Airlines’ end. Sometimes, delays may arise from communication between your bank and American Airlines.

3. Give it Some Time

Patience may be the secret ingredient missing. Be patient, especially if you have just books. Most airlines, including Southwest Airlines, take a few hours until your ticket pending notification is cleared. If, however, a considerable amount of time has elapsed, it is time to execute the next step.

4. Reach out to American Airlines

After waiting long enough, you can contact American Airlines customer service to aid in your ticket pending issue. You may also express added concerns regarding your booking.

Reach out to American Airlines

5. Maintaining Records

Properly storing your booking information from the payment method to when you booked the flight is an incredible hack. These details will come in handy when dealing with AA customer service and make it easier for them to resolve the issue.

Note: Don’t get frustrated over the whole ordeal. Keep a clear head and remember that your American Airlines ticket pending often blows over.

Avoid a Pending Ticket On American Airlines

Now that you know what ticket pending means and what causes this occurrence, how do you evade this possibility? Let me guide you through some tips to avoid an American Airlines ticket pending dilemma.

Avoid a Pending Ticket On American Airlines
  • Ensure the correctness of your payment information: Before booking an American Airlines flight, ensure that the information given is correct. This data includes our card number, billing address, and expiration date.
  • Select an appropriate payment method: To avoid any pending tickets on your flights, choose a firm method that won’t cause you any trouble. Pick a credit card, for instance. You are assured that the funds will go through.
  • Review your payment account: Before purchasing a ticket, review your account and see whether you have enough money for the flight. Sometimes, lack of funds results in your ticket being pending.
  • Reach out to your bank: I noticed that sometimes the payment issue results from their end. You may have the money to pay, but delays in bank operations cause your ticket pending status. Contact your bank in such a scenario to ascertain everything is in order.
  • Confirm your ticket is ok: You must do this promptly to ensure you don’t miss your flight. Avoid the last-minute rush by conducting ticket reviews constantly.

Contacting American Airlines Customer Service

If you have been extremely frustrated by what your ticket pending means, reach out to American Airlines customer service.

Contacting American Airlines Customer Service
  • Telephone: The easiest way to contact American Airlines is through their service line. American Airlines offers round-the-clock assistance. Call 800-433-7300 to get help with your ticket pending issue. I should highlight that sometimes you may have to wait a little longer, especially during peak seasons.
  • Chat: You can also log on to the American Airlines website and use the live chat feature to get quick assistance on tips like accessing your confirmation number or trying a different payment method.
  • Email: Similarly, you can draft an email to contact American Airlines to address the whole dilemma around what ticket pending means, among other problems like payment issues.
  • Social media: Social media also provides a great platform to express your issues to the airline. Most of these service providers will respond to your queries. However, I recommend using social media platforms as a last resort.
Important! You’ll have to refrain from sharing vital information like a credit card number or confirmation message, which may be crucial to aiding you.

Travelers Experience American Airlines Ticket

Here are some traveler’s experiences with American Airlines ticket pending.

I purchased a ticket with AA a few hours ago over the phone just because I couldn’t use my flight credit online. I purchased a ticket, and it’s still pending, and my card hasn’t been charged. Also, I got an email saying they’re unable to process my payment for flight reservation changes and I should call them immediately. Leao
It can take a bit to issue the ticket and change the status from pending to ticketed, but if they said call, then call. Normally they won’t send an email that there’s a problem unless there’s a problem. Wes032


What Does It Mean When Your Boarding Pass Is Pending?

When your boarding pass is pending, the airline is still processing your booking. It is a transitory phase where they ascertain that everything is in order.

What Does Booking Status Pending Mean?

Booking status pending means that your flight is still in the queue. Once it’s done, the spending status will disappear.

How Do I Know if My Flight Is Confirmed?

To know if your flight is confirmed, log into your PNR status, and your details should be highlighted on the screen.

What Is the Difference Between Ticketed and Booked?

The difference between ticketed and booked lies in the payment. Booking simply holds a seat on the plane, but ticketing means you pay for the seat.


That’s all I gathered regarding the ticket pending American Airlines. While this occurrence can be troubling, I should inform you that it is nothing serious. Usually, it takes up to a day to get your confirmation message. However, sometimes, it might take longer, so you can take necessary measures.

You can begin by confirming whether there are any payment issues. If none, review your emails for any communication from the airline regarding your ticket’s pending status.

Have you ever had a problem with an American Airlines ticket? Please, let me know in the comments below.

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