Passport Hair Color: 2023 Detailed Guide with 8 Acceptable Colors

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If you want to learn about the acceptable passport hair color that will help you breeze through security and avoid delays, you are at the right place. Read on to learn about how hair color affects passport photos, and if it is necessary to renew your passport if you change the shade of your hair.

Let’s get right into it!

How do Hair Color Changes Affect Passport Photos?

Passport photos are meant to be a way to identify yourself when traveling. This is why you are asked to take pictures and write down your passport hair color on a passport application.

  • You are allowed to have a variety of different hair shades that are acceptable in your passport application.
  • According to the National Passport Information Center, changing the shade of your hair will not require you to get new passport photos.
Passport Hair Color Changes

Acceptable Passport Hair Color Choices Revealed!

You are required to write down the natural shade of your hair or the present color if you have dyed looks in your passport application process.

The following are acceptable:

  • Blonde hair
  • Red hair
  • Auburn hair
  • Light brown hair
  • Black hair
  • Gray hair
  • Ginger hair
  • Plain White hair
Acceptable Passport Hair Color

Passport Hair Color Choices

Many people with different hairstyles undergo the passport application process. To make things simpler, a large variety of hair shades are accepted by the passport agency, whether it is your natural or dyed hair or the hair color of your children. No troubles! Read on to learn more.

Dyed or Colored Hair

If there is an issue like passport hair color cannot be described easily as ‘black hair’ or ‘brown hair‘, do not worry, because filling out the passport application is simple.

Just write down the current dyed color of your hair. It would make the process even smoother if your passport picture resembled the same shade.

Passport Hair Color  Dyed or Colored Hair

Hair With Multiple Shades

If you have hair that is of multiple shades and you are unsure which color to write in your passport form, do not fret.

  • All you have to do is think about which shade is the dominant one, and your answer will be judged sufficient.
  • Even if the natural hair color on the passport contradicts the current one, the answer is still legitimate for passport information and will not cause any problems.
  • The passport application will function normally.
Passport Hair Color  Hair With Multiple Shades

Bald People

Apart from problems arising from the hair color of the person in your passport picture, another question that troubles people is: what about bald people? Fortunately, this matter is as simple as the others.

  • If you are filling out a passport application and are bald, you can simply write down the color of your natural hair before you cut it off.
  • If you decide to grow your hair out again do not worry; you will not need to take a new passport photo.
Passport Hair Color  Bald People
Additional tip: You can also write down the color of your facial hair, that is your beard.

Children with Natural Hair Color

For children, the hair color question may be difficult to answer because their eye color might vary over time. When filling out their first passport application, you will need to write the:

  • Hair Color
  • Eye color
  • Other identification information
Passport Hair Color  Children with Natural Hair Color

It is critical to trust your instincts and choose the color that comes closest to accurately reflecting your child’s hair color. If the youngster hasn’t yet grown any hair, one tip is to look at your child’s brow color and try to guess the shade of their hair from that.

Children’s Dyed Hair Color

Age does not matter when it comes to the hair color on a passport photo. Just like adults, the procedure is the same for children with dyed hair:

  • Decide accurately: Simply decide which hair color would describe them best and write it down on the passport application.
  • Natural hair color: You can also choose to write down the natural color of your hair. However, we recommend you write down the name of the color that would the best representation of the hair on the passport photo.
Passport Hair Color Children’s Dyed Hair Color
Tip: While filling out a passport application, the greatest guide as to what color photo to use is the passport photo itself.

Is Passport Renewal Necessary if Your Hair Color Changes?

Passports are unaffected by a change in hair color. When it comes to identify you, just the facial features in your passport photo matter. Significant changes that change your appearance drastically may require you to have a passport renewal.

Luckily, hair color changes do not fall into this. It is explained in further detail below.

Changes in Appearance that Don’t Call for New Passport Photos

We know that a person’s appearance affects a passport, as identifying you can become a problem. Your passport pictures should be up-to-date. However, as long as there is no significant change in your appearance, you will not need to get a new one taken. These changes could be:

  • Changing your current hair color
  • Losing or gaining a minor amount of weight
  • Growing facial hair
Changes in Appearance that Don’t Call for New Passport Photos

Can a Significant Amount of Change in Appearance Void Your Present Passport?

Anything that could be considered a significant change will also be listed so it is easier for you to either avoid them or get started with a passport renewal process:

  • Major weight loss
  • If you have undergone significant facial surgery (For example a gender transition)

The identification system at airports will struggle to identify you properly if you lose too much weight or change your facial features drastically. So make sure your biometric information is accurate.


What color hair can you put on your passport?

The general rule when filling out a new passport application you can choose to write your current hair color, even if it is an unusual color like green or your natural color.

Can you have hair in passport photos?

Yes, you can have hair of any natural color written down in your passport pictures. Even if you have no hair, that is not a problem. You can just write your natural hair color in your passport application.

Do I put natural hair color on passport?

You can put your natural hair color on your new passport. If you have dyed your hair, you can put that too as it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Is long hair problem for passport?

Long hair is not a problem for your passport photo. Just make sure it does not hide any of your facial features such as your eyes.

How should I wear my hair for new passport photo?

Your hairstyle can be of your choosing for passport photos. Just be sure it does not cover parts of your face that could make identification difficult.


Identification of a person is done mainly by looking at their passport photo. That also includes a person’s hairstyle and the shade of their hair. You can keep your natural hair color, have it dyed, or can even be bald.

Filling out the application for children will undergo the same process, as only the natural or dyed shade will be mentioned. However, if there are changes to your facial features that could be considered significant, a new passport photo or passport renewal will be required.

Did you learn how to address the correct hair shade in your passport application? Let us know in the comments.

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