Okemo vs Killington: Which is the Better Place To Enjoy Winters?

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So let’s take a look at the exciting features of Okemo and Killington Resorts. Then compare and determine the best between the two using seven parameters. So let’s begin this delightful tour together!

Okemo vs Killington Comparison Chart

Before will go into the exclusive details of Okemo vs Killington Mountain Resort, Let’s quickly brief you in the table below the exciting features and activities that take place in these locations.

Okemo vs Killington Comparison Chart
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OKemo Resort

Killington Resort


Ludlow, VT

Killington, VT

Skiable Terrain:

667 acres

1,509 acres

Ski trails:




3,344 ft


Surrounding Cities:

Londonderry, Rutland, and Northwest Boston

Rutland, Randolph, Hartford, and Lebanon

Average yearly Snowfall:

200 inches

250 inches

Resort specialty:

Well-rounded ski resort

Largest ski resort




Closest Airport:

Rutland Southern Vermont Regional Airport, Albany International Airport, and Burlington International Airport

Rutland-Southern Vermont Regional Airport and Burlington International Airport

Fun Activivities:

Varied terrain for all skill levels

Challenging terrain for advanced skiers

Okemo vs Killington: An Overview of Both Beautiful Resorts

Now that we have taken a quick description of Okemo Mountain Resort and Killington Mountain Resort. Let’s discuss succinctly these two best ski resorts on the East Coast for more understanding.

Okemo Ski Resort

Okemo is known for its well-rounded specialty and family-friendly atmosphere just like Jay Peak, with well-groomed slopes in southern Vermont.

Okemo Ski Resort
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  • It’s an excellent choice for skiers and snowboarders of all ages.
  • Okemo is approximately a 4-5 hour drive from New York City.
  • Its base areas are a 3- to 5-minute drive from Ludlow, making it easily accessible for weekend getaways.

1. Number of Trails and Lifts

Okemo offers over 120 trails and glades with 20 lifts, including high-speed detachable quads and a 520-foot superpipe, each with 18-foot-high walls and a span of 55 feet between its decks.

Number of Trails and Lifts Okemo
Credit: www.pinterest.com @luminastyle

The 20 lifts in Okemo include:

  • 1 High-Speed Sixes;
  • 4 High-Speed Quads;
  • 5 Quad Chairs;
  • 3 Triple Chairs;
  • 7 Surface Lifts.

2. Facilities and Accommodation

The main base area of Okemo Mountain Resort has a variety of restaurants, shops, rental services, and hotels, such as the Okemo Mountain Lodge and Jackson Gore Inn.

Okemo has a full-service spa that refreshes the visitors after their fun activities, such as body massages, facials, and other spa services they need. This family-friendly resort also features:

  • A snowboard and ski school;
  • Eight terrain parks;
  • Springhouse fitness;
  • A tubing park;
  • Aquatic center;
  • Ice House skating rink;
  • Nordic skiing.

3. Dining Options and Shopping

Okemo has a variety of food options you can enjoy on the mountain, including Mexican cuisine, cafeterias, pubs, and upscale dining.

Dining Options and Shopping Okemo
  • Food: You can get a variety of sweets, such as sugar waffles, grilled duck, pizza seasonal veggies, jerk scallops, sandwiches, cold beverages, and drinks.
  • Restaurants: Okemo restaurants offer fresh foods and different cuisines because they operate on farm-to-mouth operations.
  • Shopping: There is also a range of shops in the resorts where you can shop for your winter sports gear, clothing, and souvenirs.

4. Cost and Availability Period

Okemo offers a range of ticket, full-service, and pass options.

  • Day tickets typically range from $130 to $155, depending on the time of year you visit.
  • Okemo’s ski season typically runs from late November to early April, if the weather permits.

5. Activities

The resort also hosts various events and activities throughout the season. Apart from skiing and snowboarding activities, Okemo offers:

Activities Okemo
  • Snowshoeing;
  • Snowmobile tours;
  • Ice skating.

6. Snow-Making Coverage and Views

Okemo is known for its highest snowmaking capabilities in the whole of Vermont resorts, covering 98% of the ski areas.

  • This ensures consistent snow coverage throughout the season for ski activities.
  • Okemo offers stunning views of the surrounding Mellow terrain, Green Mountains, etc, especially from the high-end condominiums, townhouses, and summits.

Killington Ski Resort

Killington Resort is a premier winter destination located on the east coast of Vermont, United States.

Killington Ski Resort
Credit: www.booking.com
  • This well-liked mountain resort in northern Vermont offers a diverse range of enjoyable experiences for snow enthusiasts.
  • It is well known for its early opening and late closure of all resorts in Vermont.
  • Killington is conveniently accessible from New York City, approximately a 4-5 hour drive.
  • The base area of this mountain resort is just a 3- to 5-minute drive from the charming town of Killington.

1. Number of Trails and Lifts

Killington Resort boasts an impressive network of over 145 trails and glades, served by 20 lifts.

Okemo vs Killington. Number of Trails and Lifts Killington
Credit: www.booking.com
  • It also has a sister mountain that is 6 miles away, called Pico Mountain, with 57 trails. The total makes 212 ski trails.
  • Pico Mountain offers visitors stunning views of the resort from its peak of 4,000 feet.
  • Each lift has 18-foot-high walls and a remarkable 55-foot span between its decks, offering tourists a wide range of skill levels.
  • Killington lifts also include two high-speed detachable quads and unique features like the 520-foot superpipe.

2. Facilities and Accommodation

The main base area at Killington offers a variety of amenities, including restaurants, shops, rental services, and accommodation options such as the Killington Grand Resort Hotel.

Visitors can also rejuvenate at the full-service spa, indulging in body massages, facials, and other relaxing spa services. Killington is well-equipped with:

  • Girl scoop loot;
  • Leffert’s Pond tail;
  • Killington Golf Course;
  • Kid’s ski and snowboarding course;
  • Green Mountain National Park.

3. Dining and Shopping

Killington offers a diverse array of dining options.

Dining and Shopping Killington
Credit: www.booking.com
  • The Preston, Peak Lodge, and Wobbly Barn to Clubhouse Grill offer visitors a panoramic view of Killington’s valleys.
  • There is a lot of shopping you can do at this resort, such as visiting the Killington Guild art gallery, the Greenbrier Gift Shop, etc.
  • You could also get Killington’s latest logo and branded wear like Mammut, Patagonia, Kuhl, etc. at the Route 4 Flagship Store.

4. Cost and Availability

Killington provides visitors with a range of ticket, full-service, and pass options.

  • They also offer cashless transactions, and their day tickets typically range from $130 to $189, depending on the time of year you choose to visit.
  • Killington has the longest ski opening season, which typically runs from late November to early April if weather permits.

5. Activities

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, Killington Mountain Resort hosts a wide variety of encompassing events and activities throughout the season. Visitors can enjoy the following:

Activities Killington
  • Snowshoeing;
  • Kayaking;
  • Hiking;
  • Golfing;
  • Mountain biking;
  • Lively après ski scene;
  • Fishing and River tubing;
  • Snowmobile tours;
  • Ice skating.

6. Snow-Making Coverage and Views

Killington has exceptional snow coverage of over 71% of the system.

  • The ski slopes spread across 16 km of the mountain peak.
  • This amazing resort also offers a variety of views from trails and open cruisers, such as the Skyeburst and Needle Eyes.

Ski Terrain And Mountain Features

The most interesting part that drives tourist to Vermont resorts is their cross-country skiing and snowboarding activities. These fun exercises entertain visitors and make them yearn for more.

Both Okemo vs Killington mountain resorts boast unique mountain features, Ski terrain, and levels of challenge. So let’s look at the breakdown of the key details for each resort using the table below, and then I can expound later on.

Ski Features

Okemo Mountain Resort

Killington Mountain Resort

Summit Elevation:

3,344 feet

4,241 feet

Skiable Acres:

667 acres

1,509 acres

No of mountain levels challenge:



Skiable terrrain:



Difficulty scores out of 100:



Notable Runs:

Sapphire, Quantum Leap, Warren's Way, etc.

Superstar, Outer Limits, Ovation, etc.

Okemo Mountain Resort

Okemo Mountain’s summit elevation is approximately 3,344 feet (1,019 meters) which is a vertical drop of about 2,200 feet and a base elevation of 1,144 ft.

This resort covers around 667 acres that can be skiable by visitors with a variety of runs which include Sapphire, Quantum Leap, Warren’s Way, etc.

1. Mountain Levels Challenge for Visitors

The resort boasts more than 126 runs with different levels. The most challenging runs on Okemo include Triple Crown, Black Hole, and Wardance. While the beginner-friendly terrain includes Green Ridge Run and Suncatcher.

Mountain Levels Challenge for Visitors Okemo
Credit: www.pinterest.com @lintutu

Each level is given a percentage of the total runs on the mountain which includes;



Beginner level:




Advanced level:


Expert level:


2. Difficulty Score

Okemo is relatively friendly due to its run levels which allows a beginner to also have fun. But if I am to put it on a 100-point scale of difficulty, then it will score 53.9 of the total.

Killington Mountain Resort

The summit of Killington Mountain reaches approximately 4,241 feet (1,292 meters) with a vertical drop of about 3,050 feet and a base elevation of 1,188 feet.

This ski resort encompasses around 1,997 skiable acres, providing a vast area for visitors to enjoy. Some of the popular runs include Superstar, Outer Limits, and Ovation.

1. Mountain Levels Challenge for Visitors

Killington Peak is known for its challenging and advanced terrain.

Mountain Levels Challenge for Visitors Killington
  • Runs like Great Eastern and Needle’s Eye are mostly for the intermediate level.
  • Devil’s Fiddle and The Jug are for advanced level while Goat Path and Patsy’s are for expert skiers.
  • It does offer opportunities to beginners on a very low chance but offers a lively après-ski scene they can add to their entertainment.

Examples of beginner runs are Snowshed Slope, Easy Street, etc. Below are the classes of skill levels in Killington Mountain Resort;



The beginner level:


The intermediate:


The Advanced:


The expert:


2. Difficulty Score

Killington offers a wide range of runs, scoring 69.6 on a 100-point scale of difficulty.

7 Parameter Detailed Comparison Between Okemo and Killington Ski Resorts

I have discussed the basic features that distinguish both Okemo vs Killington ski resorts above. But we are yet to do one thing, that is deciding the best between both!

So let’s determine the winner below using seven parameters. Get ready!

1. Accommodations and Lodging

Okemo Resort offers boasts of the best accommodation in the Northeastern USA which is conveniently located near the mountain.

Killington Resort also provides motels, hotels, condos, etc such as the Killington Grand Resort Hotel.

Accommodations and Lodging
Credit: www.booking.com

Winner: Both resorts offer suitable lodging options for visitors at affordable rates.

2. Flights and Routes

Both Okemo and Killington ski resorts are accessible via Rutland Southern Vermont Regional Airport, Albany International Airport, and Burlington International Airport.

Okemo is easily accessible by road while Killington takes hours to reach from New York.

Winner: The two resorts are easily reachable through nearby airports but Killington is a far destination for Road travellers.

3. Amenities and Facilities

Okemo and Killington have amenities in common such as full-service spas, Ski schools, Glades, restaurants, lively après-ski culture, etc which provide diverse winter activities.

Both resorts are equipped with a range of Ski and snowboard activities for all skill levels.

Amenities and Facilities

Winner: Killington has the most long-duration Ski activities because it has a wide space of skiable terrain.

4. Lift System

Both resorts have lifts, high-speed quads, magic carpets, etc which provide diverse winter fun activities.

Winner: Killington has two more lifts than Okemo, especially the Gondola lifts which are usually crowded during peak times.

5. Snow Conditions

Okemo has an extensive snowmaking system, covering up to 98% of its trails. It is also well maintained and groomed with 600 snow guns and a fleet of snow groomers.

Killington is known for its long skiing season but it covers 80% of its terrain just like Jay Peak.

Snow Conditions

Winner: Okemo Resorts has better natural snowfall conditions than Killington Peak.

6. Family-Friendliness and Skiing experience

Okemo is well known for its family-friendly Ski and snowboard atmosphere on the East Coast. The highest percentage of its Ski activities are dedicated to beginners.

Most of the fun activities in Killington are for experienced skiers and snowboarders so it is not that child-friendly.

Winner: Okemo offers a family-friendly atmosphere, especially for kids while Killington Mountain Resort is for Advanced level visitors.

An Overview of Tourist Real Experiences and Reviews

Most of the reviews of people who have traveled to both resorts claim that Okemo is the perfect family ski resort, with well-maintained trails, manageable lifts, and friendly staff.

Killington also has positive reviews from visitors as the most extensive snow terrain with a vibrant après-ski scene and lively nightlife. This resort is also known to people as the destination for people with advanced Skiing experience.

Which One is the Better Choice?

Considering the best between Okemo Resort and Killington Resort depends on your preferences and priorities. Both resorts have their strengths and weaknesses.

  • If you are a person who likes to spend time with your family and you want them to derive the best experience when you go for a tour. Then Okemo resort is the best place to go.
  • Killington Resort is your Ski destination if you prefer the most challenging and advanced ski slopes or trails.
Which One is the Better Choice


Is Okemo a difficult mountain to ski?

Okemo is not a difficult mountain to ski, about 32% of its trails are easy for beginners.

How far is Okemo from Killington vt?

Okemo is not far from Killing VT, it is just approximately 31 min to drive. The distance between the two resorts is 21.3 miles.

Is Killington a good beginner mountain?

No, Killington is not a good beginner mountain. It is for highly experienced skiers although there is still little chance for beginners.

What is better Killington or Stowe?

The better choice between Killington and Stowe depends on you. Stowe offers luxurious and stunning mountain views while Killington is meant for visitors who seek challenging terrain activities and lively nightlife.

What month is Killington best?

The best month to visit Killington is during the winter months. That is between December and February to get the utmost skiing experience.


Okemo and Killington resorts are no doubt the most visited in Vermont, each has its own distinct characteristics and skiing experiences. They also share these common features but choosing the best between the two depends on your priorities.

If you’re seeking challenging slopes, you’ll find Okemo Resort interesting but if you want family-friendly activities then Okemo is there for you.

Have you ever visited Okemo or Killington Resort before? Share your review in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

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