How to Find the Nearest Gas Station on Google Maps?

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Gas stops are a crucial component of every road trip. It can be difficult to predict when your next chance to refuel will come along. With Google Maps, adding gas stations to your route is simple.

You don’t need to leave the navigation to utilize this method, making it a great one to know. You may easily include a stop on your current itinerary, fuel up at the gas station, and then carry on your journey. Google Maps does not need to be stopped.

This Google Maps feature is unknown to many users. On Google Maps, you can easily find the closest gas station to you. Here’s how to locate the closest gas station, and the procedure is nearly the same on both Android and iOS:

  • On your Android or iOS device, launch Google Maps, and select the Petrol or Gas option at the top.
  • Following your selection of an option, Google Maps will display all nearby gas stations, along with their hours of operation.
  • Google Maps will display the quickest route to the gas station when you select the directions option on the gas station you wish to visit.


How do I find gas stations on Google Maps?

Gas stations are relatively simple to find on Google Maps. The closest gas stations are displayed as soon as you launch the app and select the “gas” or “petrol” option.

Does Google Maps include gas stops?

You can include stops on Google Maps to obtain a more precise arrival time.

How can I access Google Maps’ gasoline prices?

The app just received this feature. Open the app, then select the gas icon next to the search field. The price of petrol per gallon will then be displayed for all of the gas stations nearby.


To locate the closest gas station, utilize Google Maps. The best course of action is this. You can find out the address, business hours, customer reviews, and so much more on Google Maps. When you need gas or are just looking for a gas station nearby, this is the best course of action.

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