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What is

Mytrip is an online travel agency owned and run by e-Travel S.A., which is based in Spain. In 2007, the corporation established its headquarters in Athens, Greece, from where it has operated since. Mytrip is a service that allows you to book flights, hotels, and rental vehicles all in one place.

According to the site, more than 1.3 million clients have expressed satisfaction with its services. It also boasts that it deals with low-cost airfares or hotel rates, among other things. But, is it all true? That we shall analyse in the specifics of this article

According to the website, by just specifying the origin, destination, and date, you may quickly find a flight to your desired destination. The results of the search will show you the best possibilities, and you will be able to filter them based on price, airline, and schedule. Travelers can also compare hotels with other websites such as Expedia,, and others.

Travelers can also compare hotels with other websites such as Expedia,, and others. Additionally, travellers can book a car and even an entire vacation in addition to flights and accommodations. 

During the booking process, you will have access to information on web check-in, baggage, etc. Payments for flights and hotels can be made through the website using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal, among other methods.

In order to view and print your reservation, you must first log into your account. You can also log in to make any necessary edits or modifications to the reservation. Contact the Mytrip customer service team for further information or if you have any questions about payment, refunds, cancellations, or anything else.

Is legit?

What we found: claims to be an IATA-accredited travel agency.

However, after further investigation, it appears that the number +44 8447747881 advertised by them is actually a front for a Greek corporation. 

According to Sitejabber, with a consumer rating of 1.07 stars based on 700 reviews, it is clear that the vast majority of MyTrip consumers are generally disappointed with their transactions.

Customers who have expressed dissatisfaction with MyTrip most typically highlight customer service, travel agency, and credit card issues.

Let us further discuss the legitimacy of on the following grounds:

Customer Service

A great number of previous users of have complained about the customer service of the company. According to a significant number of users, the customer service is almost unreachable since the company does not respond to grievances either in mail or on calls. Most often, emails go ignored and calls are never responded to. 

In fact, most users on Sitejabber have rated’s customer service (and service in general) with 1 star out of 5. This means there were less than even 1.2% positive reviews about the customer service. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that does not have a very responsive customer service, a crucial facet that is the backbone of most travel websites.

According to a victim of the apparent fraud committed by (on Sitejabber), the customer booked a flight with  British Airways which was later cancelled by the airline. The airline then advised the customer to contact, however as per the customer there is no viable way to contact the service.

The customer said, “They don’t have a customer service line as the number for their contact centre will never be answered”. They were also of the view that purposely set up not to answer customer help requests so that once you lose your money over their services, you are never getting it back.

Conclusively, the customer was greatly dissatisfied with the customer service and in general.


On February 9th, 2016, a user of made reservations with them for flights on Iberia Airlines (from Madrid to Lisbon) and Air Nostrum (from Malaga to Madrid). As soon as they booked their flights, promptly debited their card (travel card).

On the second attempt, two weeks later, the user was unable to connect because of an airline change.

As soon as they learned of the situation, they contacted and asked that the flights be switched to a more convenient connection.

Although they had sent numerous emails and spent money calling their “helpline,” Iberian Airways said that hadn’t requested any changes to the flights.

Because did not request a change from Iberia Air, the airline says it cannot make any alterations to the scheduled flights.

Iberia Air insisted that they must take the first flight, which no longer existed, or else they will be unable to make it to Madrid in time for the second flight. To put it another way, the tickets the user purchased were not honoured.

No one at responded to the user’s emails either.

The helpline’s 844 number appears to be a premium number, as the company receives payment from the cost of the call. The price of one phone call alone (on hold) was 50 Euros for the euros. This incident speaks volumes for the values that stands for.

Most common complaints about

They have no record of your booking travel.

Often, during our research, we came across a number of users who complained about how the airline or hotel they booked for using has no record of the user’s reservation. This happened because myTrip,com claimed to have booked the travel for the user in exchange for payment but the reservation was never really done. 

One such instance is when a user who booked a flight ticket with reached the airport and was denied boarding because the ticket was not legitimate and the airline found no booking history related to the user on their system. 

How to protect yourself: You can help protect yourself by checking out the organisations online before you do business with them. 

To begin, only book with well-known, reputable organisations (typically found at the top of Google search results for travel), and even then, do a Google search for the company’s name plus the words “scam” and “review.” and are only two of the many forums where individuals discuss companies.  A company, such as, with several bad ratings should be approached with care. In addition, it is advisable to check out the Better Business Bureau and go with B+ or higher rated companies.

Ask your friends for recommendations of online travel agencies, but be sure to type in the URL they gave you correctly, as some scammers set up sites that look like real travel agencies but are one letter off in the URL. If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. So don’t book with that company unless you have vetted them.

Using a credit card instead of a debit card will allow you to challenge charges more easily if the deal turns out to be a rip-off, according to Levin. Debit cards take money directly out of your account, but credit cards allow you to avoid paying for fraudulent charges.

They changed your travel date — and didn’t tell you.

One of the most recurring issues with is that the company changes your travel date without informing you and most often there is nothing that you can do about it. This means that for example, if a customer booked a trip package with the company and the flight was scheduled for Monday, but the flight was later rescheduled by the company or rescheduled due to the airline, the company would fail to inform the customer. This could lead to other elements of the trip getting fouled up as a result.

How to protect yourself: It is recommendable to check with the hotel, airline, or other third-party service provider to ensure that all reservations made through are accurate. Make sure your reservations are correct and ask the company to tell you if there are any adjustments. If you book using a credit card, you may be shielded from this issue because many credit cards provide travel insurance as a feature.

Conclusion – Is legit?

We recommend not booking with Most often the cheaper fares on flights, hotel bookings, and the other services may look enticing, however, what comes off as cheaper initially may turn into a big headache later (as seen with most critical incidents with 

All in all, we would say came off as shady and not-so-legitious to us on many grounds and we would suggest you book with far better alternatives available online.

If you really wish to book with here are a few tips that can come in handy:

  • You should avoid booking with them unless you have extremely flexible travel arrangements, as it appears that they frequently change their itineraries and schedules. 
  • If there is any possibility that you will need to cancel or change your flight, do not book with them at this time. 
  • If you do decide to book with them, make sure to use a credit card that has both built-in trip insurance and the ability to deny a charge if the goods are not delivered as promised. This will provide you with some protection.

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