AP, CP, EP, and MAP plan in hotel: what it means?

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If you’ve ever looked at a hotel’s website or brochure, it is likely possible that you might have encountered words like AP, CP, EP, and MAP. I see! That is what exactly has led you to hunt for “AP, CP, EP, and MAP plan in hotel: What it means?”

Head over and give a focused read to this article as it is explained in detail what these words usually imply.

So, without further wait let’s dive into it!

Modified American Plan (MAP): What it means?

Modified American Plan (MAP): What it means?

The term MAP also referred to as a half pension, comprises breakfast, dinner, accommodation, and continental plan expenses. The strategy contains hotel overnight and food. Hotel-conscious families usually choose this service.

If the hotel is distant from eateries or cafés, the Modified American Plan for Visitors offers competitive breakfast and lunch/dinner bundles. The hotel calculates and incorporates second meal expenses even if visitors didn’t plan for them.

This package gives tourists a fixed-price lunch or supper at the hotel restaurant. Buffet-style customers can enjoy the third meal compared to the second meal.

This package is appropriate for travellers staying at the hotel for a few evenings so they can try regional dishes and the resort’s food. It’s not great for motels with several local eateries nearby because clients would rather dine out.

Benefits of having the Modified American Plan

  • Contrary to staying in a hotel and pay extra for all three meals, this option is more economically efficient. The total amount of this plan is equivalent to that of three hotel dinners. The price is remarkably different.
  • Visitors can eat at whichever other restaurants they desire, whenever they like. If you stay for a few nights, you’ll have time to try out other eateries and select the one(s) you enjoy most.
  • In the modified American plan, the hotel’s restaurants are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you may dine on a daily basis if you prefer. Several alternatives are available daily, and you won’t have to worry about making several payments.

Cons of the Modified American Plan

  • It’s conceivable that the dish won’t be very appetizing. The meal served to you may not always be to your delight. There is no way to get special requests met at the hotel, so you’ll have to eat what’s served.
  • If you often forego breakfast, you should definitely look elsewhere. In the modified American plan, all three meals may not be consumed on a daily basis by all individuals. So, if you are a habitual breakfast slacker, this technique may not be for you.

Is American Plan (AP) the Same as the Map Plan?

Is American Plan (AP) the Same as the Map Plan

Are meal plans among them different?

Nah! They aren’t the same. Both meal plans have slight differences among them.

In the resort where the American plan is popular, meals and lodging are included in the price. Breakfast and accommodation are included in the set price. It is a strong board, all-inclusive rate. The cost of the hotel includes lodging and three meals each day.

However, MAP or half pension is more adaptable in comparison. Most reputable motels provide it, and often only by prior agreement. The room rent includes hotel accommodations and only two meals, breakfast and either lunch or supper.

Benefits of having the American Plan

  • Guests can plan their spending with precision since they know in advance what their overall costs will be for housing and meals.
  • Visitors don’t have to stress about finding somewhere to eat while travelling because the hotel will provide you with a meal.

Cons of the American Plan

  • Because the traveller is not allowed to bring his own food on the American plan, it is not appropriate for those who enjoy eating out while on the journey. He also misses out on the opportunity to try the regional specialities served in the area’s eateries.
  • Individuals who have small cravings shouldn’t sign up since they won’t be able to eat at the scheduled times and the food will go to waste even if they’ve previously paid for it.
  • The majority of motels and other restaurants only provide a limited amount of predefined menu items for each meal.
  • Your touring schedule may prevent you from taking advantage of the American Plan’s included lunch if you’re travelling during the day.

CP or Continental Plan

Continental Plan. Map plan in hotel

Included within the tariffs are accommodation rentals and a free breakfast if you opt for the Continental or CP Meal Plan. You can always elect to have supper and lunch at the hotel, but such meals will come at a price.

As a member of the CP, you are guaranteed to a continental breakfast. Nonetheless, modern motels often mean any breakfast when they use the phrase “breakfast.”

The meal is usually served as a buffet in most motels, and it basically consists of items like coffee, tea, milk, wines, proteins, waffles, local specialities, sandwiches, frosted flakes, etc.

Benefits of having the Continental Plan

  • You have an independent choice when choosing lunch and dinner meals.
  • It can be appealing to have breakfast in bed.
  • Security is very well managed to prevent any risk from occurring.
  • In-expensive than other plans.

Cons of the Continental Plan

  • The quality of the food may not be up to the mark.
  • Service time for meals is often fixed and it might lead to inconvenience if anything urgent comes up.
  • Slightly more costly than bed alone plan.

EP or European Plan

Does it include complimentary breakfast?

This layout only provides one type of bed in the hotel. This is why accommodations are the only thing that is charged for. The hotel offers complimentary tea, breakfast, and dinner, although guests are not obligated to partake. He may dine at any other decent eatery he likes.

The guest’s reservation is solely for his room rate; any additional amenities or services he uses during his stay are billed to him at cost. In major cities, this is typical for hotels and hostels catering to young travellers. The majority of motels adhere to the European model. This is the model used by virtually every hotel owned by the government.

Benefits of having the European Plan

  • Individuals are not constrained to hotel meals. When travelling to a new place, don’t miss out on trying the regional specialities.
  • Choosing your own food products might be a simple method of saving money. One may adjust their decisions according to their finances which might help them save far more money for additional necessities.

Cons of the European Plan

  • It’s challenging to come up with a reliable expenditure while you’re on the road. That is because when you dine in a restaurant, you never know what kind of additional expenses may pop up.
  • It might be tricky to get out and find food during a severe storm if you’re visiting a hilly region.
  • If you’re not a fan of regional cuisine, it might be challenging to completely indulge in your mealtime. Some consumers may have sensitivities to common components used throughout the cuisine of the region.

Club Access Plan

Club Access Plan .Map plan in hotel

How this hotel restaurant is different?

Club access plans are available at several hotels.

These clubs provide free breakfast, all-day refreshments, snack foods and dinners throughout set hours, and overnight drinks.

Breakfast in the café or main dining might be included in your accommodation.  Guests that wish to escape crowds and wait periods choose the club lounge, despite the buffet being typically smaller. Club Access Plans are calmer.

Like most tariffs, Club Access Plan may be booked online. Club Access plans usually offer room night located on the same elevation as the club lounge.

Elite members of several hotels get complimentary Club Lounge access. Which is easy if you follow hotel promos and upgrade offers.

Benefits of having the Club Access Plan

  • Individuals can take benefit of free meals and refreshments in case one is short on budget.
  • CAP has a comparatively easy booking. As it can be booked online while being at home.
  • The club lounge is located on the same floor level.

Cons of the Club Access Plan

  • Only the elite members can get access to the club lounge.
  • Can be frustrating to wait in the crowd for prolonged periods.
  • Plans are only available at several hotels.


What is the difference between AP and MAP?

With an American Plan, your room rent already includes all three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Whereas, room rental, breakfast, and only two meals either lunch or dinner with breakfast are all included in the price of your stay under the “Modified American Plan.”

How many plans are there in a hotel?

American Plan (AP), Modified American Plan (MAP), Continental Plan (CP), and European Plan (EP) are the four primary forms of meal plans utilized around the world.


Now, that marks the end of this article. We have discussed the major meal plans that are very high in demand. Which one suits your needs the most?

However, when selecting a meal plan, it is very vital to keep in mind your health and safety. These days it is a very high priority to opt for Hygenic hotels in order to prevent any health concerns.

How much health-conscious are you? Have you come across such a hotel which serves two meals and better room night plans? Let us know about your choice in the comment section below and help others find it useful. We wish you the best!

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