How to Unlock Delsey Luggage First Time in 3 Ways without Combination

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Delsey luggage has become travelers’ favorite due to the secure design of their belongings but the lock mechanism is noted as complex. To solve this problem we bring you “How to Unlock Delsey Luggage First Time” a complete guide for new users.

Scroll down also to learn how to set and change the combination code on a Delsey luggage, what to do if you forget it, and how to unlock it without it.

How to Unlock Delsey Luggage the First Time: Step-by-Step Guide

Unlocking the Delsey luggage is simple. It actually is not locked but fastened by a button. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Locate a small button near the code number dials.
  2. Now, determine which direction the arrow points.
  3. Push the button in the same direction as the arrowhead.

For the double locks, follow this:

  1. Locate the button near the code number dials.
  2. You will find two arrows pointing in opposite directions.
  3. Press the button towards both arrowheads one by one to unlock both sides of the carry-on suitcase to open the double locks.

How to Unlock Desley Luggage If You Don’t Remember the Code

Assuming that it’s not your first time opening the Delsey Luggage, you have already set the lock code, but no longer remember it.

Do not panic as it’s only human to forget the secret code of the combination lock. We will guide you on how to reset a new code, and unlock and access luggage. Let’s dive into the details:


What to Do in Case of Forgetting the Correct Combination of Your Delsey Suitcase

Follow the steps below to reset the code and open your Delsey luggage:

  1. Find a small silver button near the number dials. That is your reset button.
  2. Press and hold the reset button for 3 to 5 seconds using a paper clip, pen nib, or any sharp and small object.
  3. Move the first dial to the desired number of your passcode
  4. Then, press the reset button.
  5. Repeat till you set all four numbers.
  6. Test the new code by pressing the TSA combination lock button.
  7. The red indicator will turn green if the lock opens.

You can view this video to get an accurate idea of the steps above.

How to Change Lock’s Security Code

If you fear that your current code has been out or too weak and guessable here is what you can do to change it:

  1. Open the lock by entering the current code. If your suitcase has never been used before the code will be 0-0-0.
  2. Press down the reset button A with a pointed object such as a needle or pencil.
  3. Now, turn the number wheels to the code you wish to set such as 5-9-7.
  4. Shut the lid down and let the button return to its original position to seal the code.

Method to Set the Lock of a Delsey Suitcase

The guidelines are more or less the same for every Delsey suitcase model such as pre-set code number will be 0-0-0 (Zero – Zero – Zero) in all models. Let’s get to know more.



You want to protect your precious belongings so make sure to keep a difficult-to-guess code. Do that by following the instructions below:

  1. Open all the clips on your suitcase.
  2. Position your suitcase in a way that the lid faces the ceiling.
  3. Close the lid by pushing the lock mechanism into the opening of the suitcase to expose the red lever.
  4. Turn the red lever 90 degrees.
  5. Turn the dials to your desired number to set the code.
  6. Now, return the red lever to its original position.
  7. Your suitcase is now secured. Note down the combination somewhere safe so you do not forget again.

Delsey Suitcase Lock Got Stuck? Try this

If your lock (which could be double locks too) gets stuck it is wiser to:

  • First, try the factory code (0-0-0).
  • Then, try resetting the code.
  • If that does not work, go to the nearest Delsey luggage repair shop. You can locate the store here.
  • In case you can not go to a repair shop, go to the vendor you purchased the suitcase from and present your receipt.

Step-by-Step Guide to Open a Delsey Locked Suitcase Without the Combination

If your suitcase is locked and you can’t remember the code no matter how much you try, we will be your saviors today!

There are actually various ways to unlock Delsey luggage and set a new combination. We will walk you through the simple instructions of the top 3 methods that have proven useful.

1. Try Various Combinations One by One to Hear a Click

The first method is the simplest among the three. With the push of a button and hearing you will be able to figure out the original code on your luggage. Check out the steps while also watching the video to get the correct context.


Step 01: Push or Slide the lock Button

Varying on the type of TSA combination lock you have, either push the button or pull on it to get the inside machinery into the position to open the lock.

Step 02: Slide the Dial till You Hear a Clicking sound

This is the key step so we have broken it down further for better understanding:

  1. Place your ear near the lock then slide the number dials one by one.
  2. While sliding concentrate to hear a click.
  3. On hearing a clicking sound, stop the dial at the number that made the noise.

It is recommended for this step:

  • You take the help of another person for hearing the click while you slide the dials.
  • Use a hushed room as the click sound can be very low.
Note: If you do not hear a click sound at all and fail after multiple attempts this method may not be suitable for your luggage lock.

Step 03: Slide the Second and third Dials similarly

If you have successfully heard a snap/click by spinning the first dial repeat the same method for the second one and move ahead to the third.

Step 04: Push the Button on the Lock This will Open It

Once all three combination numbers check out, you can get your lock opened by pushing the button fully or sliding it. Make sure to note and safely keep the original code so it does not slip your mind again.

2. Look for a Small Hole Under the Dials

This method is for combination locks with openings that are on top of the luggage case. If your carry-on luggage does not have locks on top you will not be able to see the hooks and holes on rotating dials hence won’t be able to use this method.

Here are the instructions to unlock the luggage lock that has an opening at the top.


Step 01: Make your Suitcase stand on a Flat Surface

Make your luggage case stand on wheels vertically. Do this in order to point a flashlight at the rotating dials to look for holes below one of the numbers.

Step 02: Slide the dials Until you see an Empty Hook under them

You can now start spinning the dial counterclockwise and search for a hole beneath the numbers. The hole will stand out to you as the dial has a ring around it except for just one spot.

Step 03: Rotate the dials two spots ahead Clockwise

When the holes or gaps are found you will turn the dial 2 spots clockwise and listen closely to hear a click. This will allow you to set the locking machinery in an open position.

Note: If the combination lock is old-style or larger than average then you may need to turn more than 2 spots.

Step 04: Push the Button to unLock

Now simply push the combination lock button (or, depending on the design, slide it) to open it.

Pro-tip: You can use WD-40 if you encounter any resistance.

Also you can watch the video to understand better:

3. Unlocking An Adjustable TSA Combination Lock

To unlock TSA (Transportation Security Administration) Delsey luggage you will need to perform the steps below.

Please note that the following method works best for combination locks:

  • Are designed to spin from top to down.
  • Have a metal or plastic button.
  • Do not have hollowness around the dial.

Step 01: Point a flashlight on the TSA Combination Lock

Place the carry-on suitcase in a well-lit environment and point a flashlight to the locks so you can see all the crevices and details.

Step 02: Locate Metal Brackets on the sides of the dials

Metal brackets are on the sides of number dials and are used to rotate them. The brackets are smooth around all the numbers but one.

Step 03: Turn the dials Until You See an Indent

Here is what you need to do:

  • Spin the dial till you find that particular spot that is hollow on the metal bracket.
  • The hole will not reflect the light as compared to shiny metal. That’s your cue.
  • Use a pointed object such as a safety pin to help find the groove on the metal bracket.

Step 04: Keep turning the Circle Until All of the Indents are visible

Your goal is to find all the indents and make sure they face toward you, and outside. Once you have found them will come to our next step.

Step 05: Slide the dials 5 spots Downwards

After finding the indents, you can start spinning the dials 5 spots downwards to unlock the mechanism from the inside. You will now press the button on the lock to release the lid.

Note: Down the secret combination in a diary or better yet take a picture from your phone so you do not forget it.


How do I unlock my Delsey luggage?

To unlock Delsey luggage combination lock for the first time, spot an arrow near the button and push the button in the arrowhead’s direction. The same method will apply to double locks. You will have to slide the button to the opposite side for the second lock.

What is Delsey default lock code?

Delsey luggage default code or original code is 0-0-0. You can set a custom code by pushing on the reset button, holding it for 5 seconds then entering your desired combination.

Does Delsey luggage come with a key?

Delsey luggage TSA lock comes with a universal keyhole that the authorities can use to open it without either the lock or the secret combination code.

How do I reset my 3-digit luggage lock?

To rest the 3-digit luggage lock, slide the button toward the direction of the arrows to release the pullers. Now you will press firmly on a reset button with a pointy object. While you press, slide the numbers dials to the new code you wish to set. Stop pressing the reset button to set the code.

What do you do when your luggage lock won’t open?

When your luggage lock won’t open look for a hole in the metal brackets that are on the sides of the number dials on your luggage. Slide the dials in 2 to 5 spots depending on how big the dial is. Once you hear a click on all three dials you can slide the button in the direction of the arrow to open the lock.


So far we have learned that the new luggage will always have 0-0-0 as the safety code even if the dials are turned on at different numbers. You can bring them to triple zero and by pressing the button suitcase’s lid will open. You can reset the code by pressing and holding the reset button and turning the number dials to the desired code.

If you have forgotten the code you had set, then flash a powerful light on the number knobs to look for an indent on its metal brackets. When the indents are found turn one by one to 2 to 5 spots to hear a click. Then press the unlock button to open the luggage. But if all fails Delsey luggage’s helpline will help you out.

What problems have you encountered with the Delsey Luggage’s lock? Tell us in the comments section We would love to help you.

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