Hotels That Take Apple Pay: 5 Benefits That You Should Avail!

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Are you planning a business or leisure travel and are looking for hotels that take Apple Pay? Imagine using your iPhone or other Apple devices to settle your hotel stays and other services.

With this mode of payment, you no longer have to carry several cards or your wallet to access hospitality services. As a frequent traveler, I use Apple Pay to pay at hotels and can offer you all the information you need about payment methods and hotels that accept it.

Let’s explore how this payment technique works, its many benefits, and helpful tips on finding hotels that accept the Apple payment method.

Hotels That Take Apple Pay

An Overview of Apple Pay

Apple Pay refers to a digital wallet that allows users to make payments using Apple devices and authorize these transactions using Face ID or Touch ID. Some of the devices you can use include:

Hotels That Take Apple Pay. An Overview of Apple Pay
  • iPhone
  • Apple Watch
  • Mac
  • iPad

After using Apple Pay to pay for different goods and services, I can attest that it is a convenient and safe method of payment. Today, many consumers and merchants across the U.S. are turning to this Apple payment because of its immense benefits. You can start using this mode of payment by doing the following:

  • Add your debit or credit card to your Apple wallet.
  • Open the Wallet app on your iPhone device.
  • Follow the instructions provided.
  • After your card is added, you can now make your purchases at all participating merchants.

Do Most Hotels Accept Apple Pay?

As a traveler who has stayed in several hotels, I can confirm that most hotels across the United States accept Apple Pay as a quick and secure payment option. Therefore, if you enjoy the convenience of this payment technique for all your daily transactions, you never have to worry about paying for your hotel stay while traveling for leisure or on a business trip.

Do Most Hotels Accept Apple Pay?

With a tap of your Apple Watch or iPhone, you can pay for your hotel room and other additional charges. Most hotel booking websites also offer an option of paying with Apple Pay. Some of my experiences at hotels are as follows:

  • I have used Apple Pay when booking my hotel stays on and saved 10% on my reservations.  
  • I have also made hotel bookings using Expedia and used my Apple Pay account during checkout after choosing my hotel room and type, allowing me to receive triple Expedia+ points for my booking.

Hotels That Take Apple Pay: How To Discover Them?

Here, I am going to explore the different methods you can use to find Apple Pay-supporting hotels. Let’s quickly check these techniques in detail to make your search process easy and stress-free:

1. The Fastest Way: Using the Search Engines

The search engine tools are the easiest way to find hotels that accept Apple Pay. Here is a step-by-step procedure that I follow to narrow down my search and get preferred results:

The Fastest Way: Using the Search Engines
  • Open your favorite search engine, whether it’s Bing, Google, or Safari.
  • Enter appropriate search keywords, such as “Apple Pay-friendly hotels in your region” or “hotels that accept Apple Pay near me.”
  • Analyze your search results to discover articles or hotel listings offering information regarding Apple Pay acceptance.
  • Click on all the related search results to find detailed information about the hotels and their current payment policies.
  • Write down all hotels accepting Apple Pay while considering aspects, such as amenities, location, and customer reviews to help you make a knowledgeable decision.

2. The Most Reliable Way: Using Map Applications

I love using map applications, such as Apple Maps or Google Maps because they provide a visual representation of all hospitality facilities within my vicinity and can assist me in identifying those that accept Apple Pay. Below, is how I use map applications when finding Apple supporting facilities:

The Most Reliable Way: Using Map Applications
  • Open your desired map application on your smartphone.
  • Give the map application time to find your exact location for precise results.
  • Enter preferred search terms in the search bar, such as “accommodations” or “hotels.”
  • Scrutinize your map to discover all the hotels in your vicinity. Identify whether they have the Apple Pay icon or other indicators.
  • For detailed information on each hotel facility, including contact details, customer reviews and ratings, and payment options, you must click on the hotel markers.
  • Use the filtering options on the map to look for hotels accepting Apple Pay.
  • Zero in your hotel options using characteristics like prices, location, and ratings.
  • Select a Hotel that suits your travel needs.

3. The Most Effective Way: Refining Your Hotel Search

Sometimes, finding the perfect hotel taking Apple Pay can be a challenge, and you must enhance your search’s efficiency. Below are some of the tips I implement to make my search more effective and precise:

The Most Effective Way: Refining Your Hotel Search
  • Stating My Location: For more precise results on hotels that accept Apple Pay, your search terms should include your city, neighborhood, and even major landmarks.
  • Check Official Websites: After identifying hotel facilities using Apple Pay, I take my time to check out their official websites for additional information from their payment-related web pages and FAQs.
  • Using Online Booking Platforms: Renowned booking platforms, such as, Airbnb, Expedia, and can provide all the information you need on hotels using Apple’s Payment model.
  • Reading Customer Reviews: Checking out customer reviews and ratings has helped me determine whether a hotel accepts Apple Pay. In addition, the experiences of other guests help me to know whether I am guaranteed a seamless payment process, which can affect my final decision on the hotel selection.
Willa Carson
Not all hotels accept Apple Pay, especially the smaller facilities that lack the required technology. However, larger hotel chains across the United States have incorporated this payment technique to ensure their guests enjoy a more convenient and streamlined hotel stay. Therefore, make confirmations first before making your reservations.Willa Carson, Traveler and Senior Writer at Happywayfarer

4 Major Hotel Chains Accepting Apple Pay: You’d Be Surprised

I suggest you take a look at 4 popular hotel chains that can give you the option to pay for their Apple Pay services.

1. Marriott

During my stay at Marriott hotels in Austin and Houston, Texas, my overall guest experience was elevated by Apple Pay integration. The checking-in procedure at the JW Marriott Austin and the Marriott Marquis Houston was simple and quick, and Apple Pay ensured a secure and quick arrival. I could leave my wallet in my hotel room and still make easy and quick payments on my iPhone.


The convenience of Apple transactions also stood out while I was unwinding in their well-appointed rooms and when savoring their mouth-watering culinary delights in these lively Texas cities.

Willa Carson
Marriott’s commitment to implementing modern technology enriches guests’ stay, providing a perfect blend of innovation and comfort for an unforgettable visit. Willa Carson, Traveler and Senior Writer at Happywayfarer

2. Hilton

Throughout my business travels, I experienced the convenience of Apple Pay during my check-in at the Hilton hotels in Orlando and Chicago. From the enchanting theme park near Hilton Orlando to the lively cityscape views from my Hilton Chicago hotel room, the hustle-free integration of this mode of payment added a new layer of modern sophistication.


Whether unwinding in the comfort of my room or indulging in fine dining, Apple Pay at the Hilton enhanced security and efficiency. Guests are guaranteed the best experiences at all Hilton properties.

Note: Apple Pay’s incorporation is a testament to Hilton’s commitment to providing guests with a contemporary and stress-free stay for all travelers. Guests can simply select Apple mobile payment and just tap and pay at any Hilton Hotel near them.
Intelligent luxury is all about thinking about what really is special for our guests, what’s different, and to give them a surprise that they are not used to.-Sonu Shivdasani

3. Hyatt

After checking in at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas, Texas, I was enthralled by its modern amenities, especially its incorporation of Apple Pay. Their check-in process was also contactless and swift, reflecting their commitment to ensuring a seamless guest experience. I enjoyed the added layer of convenience when using Apple Pay at some of the hotel’s facilities, including its stylish lobby and cutting-edge fitness center.


Discovering the vibrant city of Dallas was even more enjoyable, knowing that efficient and secure transactions were a tap away. Say goodbye to carrying your wallet and cards and enjoy the convenient Apple payment at all Hyatt properties.

Note: By embracing Apple Pay, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts shows its commitment to providing contemporary hospitality around the world.

4. IHG Hotels

During my visit to San Francisco and New York City, my stay at the InterContinental hotels was enhanced by the fact that they accept Apple Pay. In both locations, the check-in process was a breeze, as I was effortlessly settled into my cozy room after a simple tap on my Apple Watch.

IHG Hotels

The convenience of Apple Pay also added an unparalleled modern touch to my luxurious accommodation while exploring the vibrant neighborhoods around InterContinental San Francisco and enjoying the breathtaking skyline views from the InterContinental New York Times Square.

Remember: By embracing Apple Pay, IHG Hotels epitomizes modern luxury and redefines hospitality with a touch of innovation.

The Advantages of Using Apple Pay at Hotels

Using Apple Pay as your preferred payment method for hotel transactions will expose you to lots of benefits throughout your stay. Here, I will look at the immense benefits of using Apple Pay as your only mode of payment at different hotel facilities:

1. Seamless Payments

With Apple Pay, you are assured of convenient and easy payments at various touchpoints. Some of the reasons why Apple Pay stands out include:

Seamless Payments
  • I can use Apple Pay from the hotel check-in process and when pay for my dining.
  • I can also use it to settle in-hotel amenities expenses, which streamlines the entire process for me.
  • With all my debit or credit card data securely stored on my iPhone or Apple Watch, I can painlessly complete all hotel transactions with just a tap or glance.
  • With Apple Pay, I don’t always have to carry my credit or debit card or deal with the stressful process of manually entering my card details.

What a relief when all I want is to indulge in my business or leisure trip as fast as possible without worrying about paying for my stay and other in-hotel amenities.     

2. Enhanced Convenience

With Apple Pay, I am assured of added convenience to my hotel experience. Some of the benefits I have enjoyed include:

  • With just a tap of my Apple Watch or iPhone, I can swiftly pay all hotel expenses. I no longer have to worry about carrying hard cash or fumbling with physical cards.
  • With Apple Pay, the entire payment process is streamlined for me, whether I want to settle my hotel room charges, access spa treatments, or order room services.
  • With Apple’s convenient payment method, I can focus on enjoying every moment of my stay.
Sir Richard Branson
The key is to set realistic customer expectations and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them — preferably in unexpected and helpful ways. Sir Richard Branson

3. Integration with Apple Wallet

The seamless integration of Apple Pay with Apple Wallet is another benefit that I love. Some of its advantages include:

Integration with Apple Wallet
  • Centralized Card Storage: With the ability to consolidate my debit, credit, and loyalty cards, I can reduce the need for carrying physical cards.
  • Contactless Payments: With just a tap on my Apple Watch or iPhone, I can make secure and quick transactions.
  • Instantaneous Transaction Notifications: With its instant alerts, I am always informed about my spending habits and can quickly notice any suspicious activities.
  • Digital Ticket Storage: For all my hotel transactions, I can conveniently store the digital receipts in Apple’s Wallet. This offers a well-organized and paperless record of all my hotel expenses. This comes in handy when I want to keep a record of your hotel expenses, especially when on a business trip.

4. Speed and Efficiency

Apple’s mobile payment, guarantees a more efficient and faster payment process, particularly during busy periods. Some of the advantages that come with this payment model include:

  • Swift Hotel Transactions: With Apple Pay, I am assured of efficient and quick transactions, reducing wait times.
  • Instant Authorization: With all payments being authorized in real-time, I never experience delays and I get immediate feedback on my Apple device.
  • Contactless Convenience: This payment method guarantees contactless payments with authentications such as Touch ID and Face ID, improving overall convenience, particularly in time-sensitive or crowded situations.
Note: With this speed and efficiency, the wait time at restaurants, check-in counters, or other hotel service outlets is significantly reduced, improving overall guest satisfaction.

5. Security and Privacy of Transa

For all financial transactions, security is essential, and Apple Pay protects your personal and payment data. Some of its benefits are as follows:

Security and Privacy of Transa
  • Tokenization Technology: The Apple payment model utilizes tokenization that replaces all sensitive card data with unique tokens to reduce the risks of fraud or unauthorized access. The company never shares your data with merchants or other third parties.
  • Account Numbers are Device-specific: This secure payment method assigns every device with a unique account number and the actual card numbers remain confidential to reduce the impact of any potential breaches.
  • Biometric Authentication: In addition, I can enjoy an extra layer of security with Face ID and Touch ID. This is because only an authorized user can use Apple Pay to make transactions.
  • Anonymous Transaction Information: This payment model processes customer transactions without keeping personal information. This nurtures a privacy-conscious environment for those who want to remain anonymous or maintain their privacy.

Future Trends of Apple Pay In the Hotel Industry

Apple Pay has become quite popular in the hospitality industry because of its enhanced security and convenience. Some of the key trends we can expect in the future include:

Future Trends of Apple Pay In the Hotel Industry
  • A key trend is its integration with hotel loyalty programs, allowing loyal guests who choose Apple Pay to earn and redeem rewards with ease. In addition, guests can enjoy other incentives, such as Apple Pay offers.
  • With the increasing acceptance of Apple Pay transactions worldwide, it’s predicted it will become the standard payment option in hotels across different countries.
Note: With the constantly evolving payment industry, increased innovations, and emerging technologies, the capabilities of Apple Pay in hotels will be enhanced and may become a preferred mode of payment for hoteliers.

Travelers Experience Apple Pay

Most travelers have a positive experience with Apple Pay at hotels. Below are I share some of the traveler experiences and views regarding this payment platform:

Tripsia Travel Agent
Tripsia, a travel agent shares a list of upscale hotels that accept Apple Pay, including San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront, The Ritz-Carlton in New York and Washington D.C., San Francisco Marriott Marquis, EDITION Miami, JW Marriott Chicago, and Renaissance New York Times Square Hotel. Furthermore, Tripsia emphasizes the convenience of utilizing Apple Pay for your hotel bookings through a renowned hotel search engine.
Chuck Rogers
Chuck, a former Apple Small Business Evangelist and committed fan, assures that Apple Pay is very secure. During registration, Apple Pay generates a virtual card with a unique number, encrypted using the strongest encryption possible, and the number is never disclosed to banks or merchants. Chuck also corrects the notion that Google Pay is more popular, by emphasizing Apple Payment’s substantial market share in comparison to other mobile payment systems.


Does Any Hotels Take Apple Pay?

Yes. Many hotel chains around the world now accept Apple Pay because it is a secure and convenient mode of payment. Some reputable hotel chains that use Apple Pay include Hilton, Marriott, and Hyatt. However, it is important to confirm whether the specific hotel you plan to stay at accepts Apple Pay before making your reservations.

What Travel Website Accepts Apple Pay?

Most travel websites will accept Apple Pay. They include Expedia,,, Airbnb, Priceline, Orbitz, and CheapTickets.

Do Hotels Accept Digital Wallets?

Yes. Hotels allow their guests to pay for their stay using a digital wallet service, such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or Samsung Pay. These digital payment solutions make it easier and faster for guests to pay for their hotel rooms and other services using their personal devices.

How Do I Know If A Hotel Accepts Apple Pay?

To determine if a hotel accepts Apple Pay, directly contact their customer service or check out their website. Many hotels that accept this payment will clearly showcase the Apple Pay logo on their website. You can also ask their customer representative whether they have already embraced Apple Pay.


Today, most hotels accept Apple Pay as a secure payment method for reservations, room charges, or other services. With more and more hotels adopting this new mode of payment, over time, we can expect to see even more innovative Apple payment uses within the hospitality industry.

If you are planning a trip and wish to make smooth and quick payments at hotels, consider Apple Pay. You will avoid carrying cash or multiple credit and debit cards and use just your iPhone or Apple device as your only travel companion.

Have you used Apple Pay to pay for hotel stays during your travels? Share your experiences in the comment section below.

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