Hold Bags Meaning: A 2023 Guide on the Types of Baggage Accepted by Airlines

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Have you ever been confused about the status of the hold bags meaning? It’s not surprising. I was in your shoes, as “hold” and “carry” are similar in comprehension and can mislead. But worry not! Keep reading and I will uncover the two main types of bags accepted, the true meaning of hold bags according to the TSA rules, and the baggage allowance for all airlines. Let’s get it started!

Hold Bags Meaning

What are the Two Types of Baggage in Airlines?

There are two types of bags generally accepted by Airlines, these two categories are managed differently and they are named:

1. Carry On Baggage

Carry-on baggage or luggage is also known as cabin baggage or hand luggage. It refers to the possessions you can keep in the overhead cabin or under-seat space free of charge. The following also applies:

Hold Bags Meaning. Carry On Baggage
  • Your personal items like your quart-size bag, and laptop bag are also under this category.
  • The hand luggage size allowances for most Airlines vary. It is usually 22 by 14 by 9 inches including its side pocket, wheels, handles, etc. with a maximum weight of 11 pounds according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The table below shows the allowances adopted by common Airlines:


Carry on Maximum Dimension

Weight Restrictions

24" by 16" by 10"

35 pounds

22" by 14" by 9"

25 pounds

22'' by 18" by 10"

50 pounds

22" by 14" by 9"

Not specified

21'' by 16" by 9"

22 pounds

22" by 14" by 9"

Not specified

22" by 14" by 9"

Not specified

22" by 14" by 9"

Not specified

22" by 18" by 10"

Not specified

22" by 14" by 10"

35 pounds

Not specified

22 pounds

22" by 14" by 9"

No maximum weight

24" by 16" by 11"

35 pounds

22" by 14" by 9"


22" by 14" by 9"

Not specified

Note: The allowed hand luggage size usually varies and depends not only on Airlines, but also on cabin classes, membership options, and the size of the Aircraft you are boarding. So you should check your Airline’s website for the permitted size.

2. Checked Baggage

The second type of luggage is called a checked bag, baggage, or luggage. They are declared to the Aircraft officer at the gate or checkpoint so that it can be kept in the storage hold of the plane. Below are the TSA rules adopted by most airlines for checked baggage:

Checked Baggage
  • Checked luggage is baggage handed to the Aircraft official for checking at the counter and is kept in the cargo hold of the aircraft.
  • There are also weight restrictions for checked baggage included in your Airfare which should not exceed the total weight allowance of 50 pounds, any excess baggage attracts an additional fee.
  • You can check in more than two bags or suitcases so far the total is not more than 70 pounds baggage restrictions stipulated in the EU and US may not be transported.
  • Checked luggage must not exceed the dimension of 62 inches including the width, length, and depth.
  • Some Aircraft size allowance for bags may go below TSA guidelines but no Aircraft will operate higher than the regulation.

So you will be wondering what type does hold bag belongs to? Okay, let’s see!

Hold Bags Meaning: TSA Rules

When I was traveling for the first time on Easyjet Airline, I booked a basic ticket with a 25 kg Hold luggage thinking I would carry it on board. When I got to the airport on my scheduled date, I was not allowed to carry the bag with me on the flight.

The official at the gate collected my baggage and told me my bag would be kept in the storage hold of the plane because it had exceeded the baggage limit for carry-on bags. It was then I realized the Hold bags meant checked-in baggage.

Hold Bags Meaning: TSA Rules

The following are points I discovered about Hold bags:

  • Hold bags is a British term used to describe checked luggage by a few Airlines especially Easyjet, British Airways, Jet2 etc.
  • It is called Hold luggage because it is too heavy or large to fit in the plane cabin or under the seat.
  • It is always stored in the storage hold or cargo hold of the plane you are flying.
  • The TSA Rule does not prohibit the use of the term ”Hold Bags” in as much the Aircraft using this word make it clear to their passengers. They also follow the rules and regulations binding checked luggage.
Note: The TSA rules I have mentioned above under checked baggage apply because they are the same thing but have different words or terms.

What is the Meaning of Hold Luggage When Traveling With EasyJet?

Hold luggage on Easyjet Airline refers to the standard bag of 23 kg that you will not be allowed to carry with you on board because it has exceeded the baggage allocation of 15kg for Hand luggage.

Hold luggage on the Easyjet website refers to your checked bags or checked-in luggage. Each checked-in luggage must not exceed the maximum of 32 kg according to Easyjet baggage policy.

What Is Classed as Hold Luggage? 

Any of your baggage that cannot fit in the overhead cabin or under the seat space of your Airplane is classed as Hold luggage. The word “Hold” is a British word for “checked” in Airline terms and it is usually used by Easyjet, British Airways, etc.

What Is Classed as Hold Luggage? 

Easyjet classified its traveler’s packages into three categories:

  • A bag of 15kg: This is a small-sized bag. It can either be a hold luggage or hand luggage and it is free of charge if you are placing it in the cabin or underneath the chair.
  • A bag of 23kg: This is the Standard size for packages stored on hold. It can also fit in the cabin and it attracts charges but is free for some members
  • A bag of up to 32kg: This is the maximum package you can place in the Hold but this cannot fit in the cabin even if you buy extra weight.

What is the Difference Between a Hold Bag and a Cabin Bag?

To avoid repetition, I will use a table to differentiate both using the main key points because I have explained briefly above.

Hold Baggage

Cabin Luggage

It is also known as checked baggage

It is also called a carry-on bag

Hold bags must be placed in the cargo hold because it is large and heavy to be placed in the cabin

A Cabin bag is carried with you on board because it is small and can fit in the overhead space or under the seat

Hold luggage attracts charges

Cabin carriage is free of charge but extra weight may attract fees

Hold baggage is checked at the departure airport and designates luggage to owners at the Arrival airport

You do not need to check at the gate and it will always be within your reach in the plane to your destination

What Is the Difference Between Hold Baggage and Checked Baggage?

There is no difference between Hold luggage and checked baggage, the two words mean the same thing. The same TSA rules apply to both of them, their allowances can only differ depending on the Airline, Airfare, and distance.

  • Hold baggage is adopted by Easyjet, British Airways, Jet2;
  • Checked baggage is widely used by most airlines like American Airways, Alaska Airlines, Sun Country, etc.
What Is the Difference Between Hold Baggage and Checked Baggage?


What is a hold bag?

Hold luggage is the bag that is kept or stowed in the Storage hold because it is too large to be carried inside the plane with you. It is a bag that weighs from 20kg to 32kg and it must not exceed the dimension of 275cm or 62 inches including width, length, and height.

What does no hold baggage mean?

No hold baggage means you cannot check into the storage hold of the airplane, only hand baggage.

What is hold and carry-on luggage?

A hold baggage is a bag you checked in and stored in the hold. it is not accessible to you until you arrive at your destination. Carry-on luggage is the bag you carry with you on the plane, you either place it in the overhead cabin or under the seat.

What can’t you take in hold luggage?

You can’t put the following in your Hold baggage: Smart devices with lithium batteries, Explosive items, flammable things, Illegal drugs, Toxic chemicals like pesticides, Firearms and ammunition, Narcotics, etc.

Why is hold luggage so expensive?

Hold luggage is expensive because its heavy weight consumes fuel. The price of the fuel causes the high cost of transporting it.

Do they check your hold luggage?

Yes, All airlines will always check your Hold suitcases. They are all following the specified rules and regulations stated by TSA.

What is checked baggage not included?

Checked baggage not included means your Airfare does not include the cost of transporting your checked bag.

How much luggage is allowed on international flights?

You are allowed to carry a handbag of not more than 15kg and checked luggage up to 20kg.


Understanding the hold bags meaning is important before booking your flight with any Airline. Basically, there are two types of bags accepted by all airlines and regulated by TSA guides. They are called Carry bags also known has Cabin bags or checked bags also called Hold bags, especially by European Airlines like Jet2, Easyjet, etc.

Cabin bags are kept in the overhead compartment or under the seat and the maximum dimension generally adopted by all airlines is 22” by 14″ by 9″ including the wheels and handles. Hold bags are the luggage checked and stored in the Cargo hold and the total dimension should not exceed 275 inches including width, length, and height.

How many bags do you take along with you when you are traveling? Please leave your responses in the comments section. Thanks for reading.

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