DOT-Approved Lighter Case for Air Travel: 5 Must-Know Tips

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A quality lighter can have an enormous effect on your life! Yet, some restrictions make bringing a lighter on a plane complex. Lighters must be placed in a DOT-approved lighter case before being checked as part of the luggage.

You may be wondering, then, what exactly is a DOT-approved case. What are the most critical considerations for a lighter holder case that the DOT accepts for airplane use? Read on for a comprehensive rundown!

An Overview of DOT-Approved Case

You cannot check a lighter in your luggage at an American airport. A case approved by DOT is required for transport.

Meaning of DOT Approved

Here are some things you should know about DOT-approved:

Dot Approved Lighter Case Meaning of DOT Approved
  • For a product to receive DOT certification, it must meet all of the department’s standards.
  • The Department of Transportation does not grant unconditional product approval; producers must meet all applicable rules before releasing them to the public.
  • Corporations utilize the title “DOT-approved” as an advertising medium because they cannot enter the market without it.
  • DOT certification indicates conformity with standards rather than more excellent quality.

What Is a DOT-Approved Lighter Holder Case?

To protect the safety of transported products, the agency enforces stringent standards. Simply put, DOT-approved lighter cases are those that the United States Department of Transportation (Dot) has given the green light for transporting multiple lighters.

Exotac Lighter Holder Case

Exotac Firesleeve Case is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a dependable and robust Waterproof Lighter Holder Case.

Dot Approved Lighter Case Exotac Lighter Holder Case

Here are some of its highlights:

Exotac Firesleeve Case Specifications

Exotac Firesleeve Case has the following vital features:

Dimensions L x W x H:

1.34" x 0.9" x 4"

Weight (ounces):






Fuel Type:

Liquefied Petroleum Gas



In addition to the highlights listed above, the Exotac Firesleeve Case provides the following features:

  • It is waterproof. You can use it in any unexpected circumstance and rest easy knowing you are protected from water damage up to three feet deep.
  • The overall design is of high quality. Versatile materials offer protection for your vintage Bic lighter and a strap that may be used hands-free to ignite the gas when necessary.
  • It comes with a SAFETY CAP. This protects your lighter from dampness and prevents the gas valve from being accidentally touched inside your luggage, making it ideal for long-term storage.
  • It is small in size and can be carried around conveniently.
  • The design makes it suitable for those windy and wet days when camping.
  • It is not heavy and is built using a strong, protective case.
  • The small size might not fit large lighters.
  • With time the safety cap becomes loose.

What Makes a Case Be Approved by Dot?

No online resources detail the specifications required to make a DOT-approved case. We could acquire a rough notion by studying the materials used in DOT-approved cases now available.

Prometheus, Zippo lighters, and Colibri are a few major manufacturers offering casings approved by DOT for their products. They all share certain properties that make it possible to use them throughout the airport security check-in process. For a case to be approved BY DOT, the following must be considered:

1. Casing Material

The case’s exterior should have a protective cover, i.e., robust and sturdy. Most cases approved by DOT are composed of polycarbonate, making them resistant to crushing and damage.

2. Case Lining

The liner seals the case, so no materials or odors can escape. Also, the liner entrance is the ideal dimension and form for the lighter. Interior insulation consists of the following:

  • Foam
  • Liner

This guarantees that it fits snugly and assures that neither the pressure nor the motion of the aircraft’s cargo will result in harm. Having defined a DOT-approved case, it is essential to determine when one is required.

Dot Approved Lighter Case What Makes a Case Be Approved by Dot

When Is a DOT-Approved Case Required?

In most cases, single lighter counts as a carry-on item, but there are exceptions when you must bring a case. When transporting multiple lighters, it is mandatory to use a DOT-approved case.

It would help if you stowed them away while properly enclosed inside your bags. To board the aircraft, though, you may first need to have it inspected by airport security. None-butane lighters must be in a case approved by DOT.

Torch Lighter and Non-Butane Lighter

Torch lighters and other lighters that don’t use butane must be properly enclosed in a case for transport and storage. They provide a higher fire risk than regular lighters, and their usage in motion is discouraged.

Authorization is needed to carry lighters and the specific permit container. Ensure your paperwork is complete and in order before your take-off. A good example of approved Dot cases is:

  • The Zippo Air Case; and
  • Zippo Cargo Case.

Where Can You Conveniently Buy DOT-Approved Lighter Cases?

These approved cases can be easily found in stores near you. Some of the places you are guaranteed to find them include:

  • Large-scale hardware stores
  • Major retailers like Walmart
  • Online

If you’d rather shop online, Amazon has many selections that are all high quality. Most businesses also make them available on their respective websites. A problem arises, however, when considering transportation costs and availability.

Where Can You Conveniently Buy DOT-Approved Lighter Cases

Rules to Consider When Bringing Lighters on a Plane

A few factors should be considered if you intend to bring lighters on board. As combustible items, they pose a hazard on airplanes. That’s why you must understand the rules of the TSA. 

How Many Lighters Are Permitted?

When flying, most airlines only allow a single lighter per passenger. Also, it must be a butane lighter or one with flammable liquid absorption.

Most airlines will insist that you put the lighter in your personal belongings rather than your checked bag. The reason is that:

  • Carry-on luggage is likely to move around
  • They can leak in the process or even break

Be sure to check in with the relevant authorities before you carry prohibited items while boarding and to adhere to their rules and guidelines. While planning a round trip, knowing the regulations beforehand is best to avoid any problems.

Which Lighters Are Restricted?

Although you can bring a single lighter, it must be of a specific type. There are things forbidden on airplanes:

  • Wick
  • Cigars
  • Arc lighters containing flammable liquids

They are more prone to turbulence because they have a higher liquid content than butane lighters.

Dot Approved Lighter Case Which Lighters Are Restricted

Torch Lighters and Lithium Metal Batteries

In addition, passengers are not permitted to bring torch lighters or other heavy-duty lighters into the plane. Lithium battery-powered lighters should not be included in the checked baggage.

Also, the lithium-ion battery must not exceed aWh rating of 100Wh. The last thing you can’t bring on an airplane is a lighter that resembles:

  • A gun,
  • Bomb, or
  • Other weapons

These kinds of lighters are notoriously fragile and poorly constructed. Effective measures to prevent unintentional activation must be taken.

Can You Bring Matches on a Plane?

Generally speaking, matches and lighters are subject to the same TSA rules on most airlines. While checking in, passengers are only allowed a pack of safety matches in their pockets.

Dot Approved Lighter Case Can You Bring Matches on a Plane

Forbidden matches include:

  • Strike-everywhere matches
  • Other potentially dangerous matches

You ought to know the laws before you bring matches on the aircraft, just like satellite phones are prohibited. These matches have the potential to ignite when in motion and result in catastrophic mishaps. Hence, leaving them at home is the safest option when airborne.

Can You Transport Lighter Fluid in Aircraft?

Your lighter contains the maximum quantity of lighter fluid you can bring. Taking lighters that absorb fluid in your carry-ons is convenient because you only need to bring the fluid in your lighter.

Note: Nevertheless, the lighter is not to transport any canisters of lighter fluid or equivalent combustible material.

Tips for Flying With DOT-Approved Lighters

A transportation exemption allows you to bring disposable lighters such as non-torch lighters and non-refillable Bic lighters in your carry-on bag. Other tips to consider include the following:

  • Lighters are permitted; however, you should only bring four boxes of safety matches in checked baggage or a personal bag.
  • All flammable items must be left at home or in the terminal.
Dot Approved Lighter Case Tips for Flying With DOT-Approved Lighters

TSA Regulations for Lighters Onboard

TSA rules about carrying lighters are constantly changing. But there are some of them:

  • The DOT permits single disposable and zippo lighters aboard planes.
  • On the checked bags or carry-on baggage, you should not include plasma lighters, electronic lighters, or arc lighters. Provided they don’t contain any fuel, they can also be packed in your already-checked bags.
  • Lighters with gasoline must be transported in a case certified by the DOT if they are to be included in the luggage.
  • It is still against the rules to have a torch lighter in your carry-on or checked luggage. Torch lighters create a thinner and more concentrated flame than a regular one, which burns at a higher temperature (up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • A maximum number of two lighters per passenger in a checked bag is limited, provided they are properly packaged.
  • In essence, you can bring two Zippo/disposable lighters in your checked baggage.


What Is a DOT-Approved Case for Lighters?

DOT-approved cases for lighters have been given the green light by the United States Department of Transportation and the TSA agent to transport multiple lighters.

Are Bic Lighters DOT Approved?

Yes, a Bic lighter is approved by Dot. They are permitted on board. However, they are prohibited in checked luggage and must be kept in a passenger’s pocket or disposable and zippo lighters carry-on bag.

What Is an Approved Dot Case?

DOT-approved cases are containers that satisfy the DOT’s terms of delivery regulations for dangerous and other substances. DOT shipping containers must be built to strict specifications to guarantee the safe arrival of hazardous products, like gases and fluids.

Can I Carry a Lighter on a Plane?

Yes, you can carry a lighter on a plane. The TSA only allows passengers to include a zippo lighter in their carry-on or body. At the time of baggage check-in, passengers are required to remove any lighters from their carry-on luggage and keep them with them in the cabin.


A DOT-approved case will help you bring a lighter on board, either in your carry-on or checked bags. A DOT-approved casing is just one of the many regulations that must be followed.

What kind of lighter would you bring on an aircraft, and how would you carry it? Please share your answer and suggest topics for future articles.

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