Do NFL Teams Have Their Own Planes: Find Out Right Now!

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Do NFL teams have their own planes?” As avid sports enthusiasts, we seek to unravel this intriguing query and shed light on the behind-the-scenes logistics of one of America’s most beloved sports.

Let’s discover the transport mode of NFL players to away games, NFL Teams HaveingTheir Own Plane, and the Cost of Travel for NFL Teams. So buckle up as we take flight into the fascinating NFL team travel arrangements world!

Do NFL Teams Have Their Own Planes – Quick Answer

Yes, the New England Patriots and New York Jets are the only NFL franchise known to own their own private jet. The Patriots purchased two Boeing 767 planes in 2017, making them the first team in the league to have their own aircraft for travel to away games. Other NFL teams use Chartered Flights.

Do NFL Teams Have Their Own Planes - Quick Answer

The Transport Mode of NFL Players To Away Games?

NFL players, except those having their private jet, typically travel to away games by chartered flights. The National Football League teams usually have arrangements with commercial airlines like American Airlines to charter planes exclusively for the team and staff. This allows for greater convenience and flexibility in scheduling and ensures the players’ comfort and privacy during travel.

Do NFL Teams Have their own Planes. The Transport Mode of NFL Players To Away Games?

Chartered flights provide several advantages for NFL teams; below are some of them:

  • Direct travel: Chartered flights allow most teams to fly directly from their home city to their destination, eliminating layovers and minimizing travel time.
  • Team bonding: Traveling together on a private jet fosters team unity and camaraderie, as players and staff can spend time together in a more relaxed setting.
  • Customization: Teams can schedule flights that align with their specific game preparation and recovery routines, giving them the best chance to perform at their peak.
  • Privacy and security: Chartered flights provide privacy and security unavailable on commercial flights. This is particularly important for high-profile athletes who may attract attention from fans and the media.
  • Accommodations: NFL teams often arrange for players to stay at hotels near the game venue to ensure they are well-rested and prepared for the match.

What Alternative Means Do Other NFL Teams Utilize in Place of a Private Plane

While private jets are a standard mode of transportation for many American football teams, most teams opt for alternative methods of travel due to various reasons. Let’s explore a few options that other teams might use instead:

1. Commercial Flights

Some NFL teams, especially those based in larger cities with well-connected airports, choose to fly their players and staff on commercial flights:

  • This option can be cost-effective, especially for shorter distances or when traveling on established routes.
  • Additionally, commercial flights offer flexibility in terms of scheduling and availability.
Commercial Flights

2. Chartered Flights

Rather than owning their private jets, some NFL teams charter flights from private aviation companies or airlines like:

Chartered flights provide a level of convenience similar to private planes without long-term commitment and financial investment. This option allows teams to tailor their travel arrangements to suit their needs and schedules.

3. Buses or Coaches

For shorter distances or when playing opponents in relative proximity, some NFL teams choose to travel by bus or luxury coach:

  • This option can be practical when the destination is within a reasonable driving distance.
  • It also allows the team to travel as a group, fostering team bonding.
Buses or Coaches

4. Trains

NFL teams may opt for train travel in certain situations, especially when playing opponents in cities connected by efficient rail networks. Trains can provide a comfortable and eco-friendly alternative to air travel and be a convenient option for locations that are not easily accessible by air.

5. Combined Methods

Sometimes, NFL teams use a combination of travel methods to meet their specific travel requirements:

  • They might fly on a private plane for longer distances.
  • Then switch to buses or coaches for shorter legs of the journey.
Combined Methods

Which NFL Franchises Possess Their Own Private Jets?

Several NFL teams have their own planes for dedicated team travel. Here are a few examples of NFL teams that are known to have their own planes:

1. New England Patriots

The New England Patriots became the first NFL team to have their team-owned plane in 2017. The aircraft was a customized Boeing 767, dubbed “AirKraft,” which they use to travel to away games.

New England Patriots

2. Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals made headlines when they purchased their own plane, a Boeing 777-200ER. This strategic move allows the team to travel in style and comfort, tailor their travel arrangements to suit their needs and minimize potential disruptions often associated with commercial flights.

3. New York Jets

The New York Jets, a long-standing franchise in the NFL, have their own aircraft, a Boeing 767. By investing in their aircraft, the Jets can have more control over their travel logistics, ensuring they arrive at away games well-rested and prepared to compete at their best.

New York Jets

4. Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles, a competitive team with a passionate fan base, also have their private jet. Owning an aircraft enables the Eagles to travel together as a team, fostering team camaraderie and providing the players with a more comfortable and efficient way to reach their destinations.

5. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys, one of the most iconic and valuable franchises in the NFL, are known for their state-of-the-art private jet. The team’s owner, Jerry Jones, is a prominent businessman and has invested significantly in the team’s facilities and resources, including their own aircraft.

This private jet allows the Cowboys to travel comfortably and efficiently to away games and various events.

Dallas Cowboys

Are NFL Players Provided Individual Hotel Accommodations?

Exclusive accommodations are reserved for senior and star NFL players. In contrast, the majority of NFL players are required to share rooms with their fellow teammates during team events and activities. This is done due to the following reasons:

Are NFL Players Provided Individual Hotel Accommodations?
  • Team Bonding: Sharing hotel rooms fosters team camaraderie and bonding among players. It allows them to spend more time together off the field, which can improve team chemistry and cohesion.
  • Cost Efficiency: Providing individual hotel rooms for every player would be expensive for the team and may not be financially feasible, especially considering the size of NFL rosters.
  • Team Logistics: Sharing rooms simplifies logistical arrangements during team travel. It makes it easier for the coaching staff and team personnel to manage players’ accommodations and ensure everyone is in the right place.
  • Team Rules and Routines: Teams often have specific rules and routines to follow during team travel. Sharing hotel rooms can help maintain team discipline and adherence to these rules.

What Is the Cost of Travel for NFL Teams?

Travel expenses for NFL teams have seen a significant rise, with the average team now spending nearly $4 million, twice the amount from the previous year. This cost increase reflects the growing financial demands of frequent travel to fulfill their commitments in the multi-billion dollar sports industry. Here are some factors that contribute to the expenses:

  • Distance: The NFL schedule involves teams playing games across the country, and some teams have to travel much farther than others. Cross-country trips require more extensive travel arrangements and can lead to higher costs.
  • Mode of Transportation: Teams may travel by private planes, commercial flights, chartered flights, buses, or a combination of these methods. Owning or chartering private planes can be expensive but offers convenience and flexibility.
  • Accommodations: NFL teams typically stay in hotels during away games and training camps. The quality and location of the hotels can impact the overall cost of travel.
  • Team Size: The size of the traveling party, including players, coaching staff, medical personnel, and other essential staff, will affect travel expenses. Larger teams require more accommodations and transportation arrangements.
  • Travel Frequency: The number of away games and the duration of training camps throughout the season will influence the overall travel expenses for a team.
  • Negotiated Deals: Some teams may have negotiated favorable travel deals with airlines, hotels, or transportation companies, which can help reduce costs.
  • Collective Bargaining Agreements: The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) and the NFL negotiate certain aspects of player accommodations and welfare, including travel arrangements, in the collective bargaining agreements, which can impact the costs.
What Is the Cost of Travel for NFL Teams?


How do NFL football teams fly?

Other teams, apart from those having private jets fly to their away games using chartered flights provided by the team or the league. These chartered flights allow the team to travel efficiently and comfortably, ensuring they arrive at their destination well-rested and ready to compete.

How many private jets does NFL have?

The NFL itself does not own or operate private jets. However, for individual teams like New England Patriots, players, or other personnel own private jets to travel for away games and also for personal use.

Do NFL players fly private?

While some high-profile NFL players might have the means to afford private flights for personal travel, most players typically travel with their teams on chartered flights during the regular season. Using chartered team flights helps maintain team cohesion and ensures that players arrive at their away games together, ready to focus on their preparation and performance.

Do NFL players share hotel rooms?

Yes, in most cases, NFL players share hotel rooms during team travel. Sharing rooms promotes team bonding and helps manage accommodation logistics efficiently.

How Much Does It Cost For A Football Team To Charter A Flight?

The cost of charting a flight can vary depending on various factors like the team size, flight distance, and the kind.

Do NFL Teams Fly Home Right After Games?

Yes, NFL teams typically fly back to their home city after away games. The team’s charter flight allows them to return to their home base swiftly and efficiently.

Which NFL team travels the most?

The Seattle Seahawks are reported to be the NFL team that travels the most, covering a total distance of 31,600 miles during their games and away matches. They exceed the travel distance of the second-ranked team, the San Francisco 49ers, by approximately 1,600 miles.


Do NFL teams have their own planes? The rising trend in the league suggests an affirmative answer, as an increasing number of teams have embraced the idea of utilizing private planes. By eschewing the uncertainties of commercial flights, they are able to optimize their travel logistics and prioritize the well-being of their players.

Considering this strategic advantage, what other innovative approaches could NFL teams explore to gain a competitive edge both on and off the field? I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

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