Can You Fly With Champagne Or Not? 2023 Air Travel Guide

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Сan you fly with champagne? I’m happy to tell you that yes. But you should abide by specific guidelines and regulations. First, you must buy champagne, package it on checked or carry-on baggage, and ensure it doesn’t infringe on TSA’s rules for containers and liquids.

Other restrictions to consider are the amount you’re allowed to carry on luggage and the quantity of champagne in every container. Keep reading to uncover all the details about TSA restrictions and regulations as well as valuable tips to help you pack your champagne to make your travel hassle-free.

Fly With Champagne

Can You Fly With Champagne Bottles? 4 Things To Know

The TSA regulations allow travelers to carry bottles of champagne on the plane as long as they are packed based on their standards. So, is there a likelihood the champagne will explode? Is it also acceptable to carry champagne glasses?

I will be answering these and other queries in this section. Here, I have listed 4 things you need to know when carrying champagne.

Carry-on Bags

The TSA’s 3-1-1 rule prohibits travelers from carrying gels, aerosols, and liquids in containers of more than 100ml or 3.4 ounces. This specific rule hinders passengers from packing alcohol or their champagne bottles in carry-on bags.

Carry-on Bags

Checked Bags

The 3-1-1 rule on containers and liquids doesn’t apply to checked luggage bags, making them perfect for packing champagne bottles. However, ensure you carry out the packing process correctly to prevent breakage of the bottle or leaking while in transit.

Checked Bags

International Flights

While traveling globally, I discovered the 3-1-1 rule is universally accepted in most countries. So, if your champagne in checked bags is well-packed, you can travel without encountering hitches.

However, I suggest that you check the laws of your preferred destination before carrying champagne. For instance, alcohol is prohibited in countries such as Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Saudi Arabia. Therefore, don’t bring champagne or other alcoholic drinks to such destinations.

By Airline

All airlines have to comply with the TSA rules strictly. So, whether you are traveling with JetBlue, American Airlines, Southwest, Air Canada, United, or Delta, you can carry champagne in checked bags duty-free and arrive home safely.

Will Champagne Explode in Checked Bags?

Another concern most passengers have is whether champagne, packed in checked luggage, can explode during flight. It is common knowledge these bottles contain very high carbonation levels, which can build up pressure while on board.

Will Champagne Explode in Checked Bags?
  • Although it is very unlikely that these bottles will explode while in checked luggage, they can either damage or leak if not well-packed.
  • Also, changes in temperature and pressure in the plane’s interior can cause the carbonation levels to rise.
Note: However, if the champagne could cause an explosion, the TSA and the airlines would never allow people to travel with it. So, it is safe to bring your duty-free champagne on board. 

How To Pack Champagne For Air Travel?

Proper packing can mitigate the risk of the champagne bottle exploding or breaking while on domestic or international flights. Negligence in regard to this matter will only breed costly losses.

Can You Fly With Champagne. How To Pack Champagne For Air Travel?

In this section, I have shared valuable tips you can use to pack champagne and other duty-free alcoholic drinks:

  • First, pick a suitcase with more padding and space. Avoid packing the bubbly in a bag with limited space. This will increase the pressure likely to crack the bottle.
  • Ensure the bottle is wrapped using protective materials like the bubble or old pajamas and clothes.
  • Ensure the bottle is appropriately placed at the center of the suitcase and is surrounded with softer items such as clothes.
  • Avoid packing champagne with hard objects or on the suitcase’s edges, as it can cause the cork to pop or break the glass.
  • You will never go wrong investing in wine sleeves. The cost is always worth it.

Other tips you should observe when you pack alcohol:

  • Ensure your champagne is upright to prevent it from spilling and messing up your checked luggage.
  • Mark your checked-in luggage as fragile for the airline’s crew to handle it carefully.

My Champagne Suitcase Recommendations

As a wine enthusiast, I love collecting wine whenever I get a chance to travel to other countries. If you have this passion, I recommend that you purchase the following pieces of equipment in order to transport alcohol safely:

My Champagne Suitcase Recommendations
  • Wine Suitcase – You can check in this suitcase as a standard bag, plus it can hold twelve wine bottles. My favorite brand is the Boldworks Wine Suitcase which can carry a dozen wine bottles and comes with TSA-approved lock removable foam inserts.
  • Wine Sleeve – It is designed to safely carry and handle the bottles. Brands like JIMEI wine protectors always cushion the win bottles, ensuring safety in transportation.

If you intend to carry more bottles, get a wine shipping container from the winery. You can also ship it directly from the local wine store or winery. The package will be adequately protected and packed, saving you from the stress of ensuring it gets home safely.

Can I Drink My Own Champagne During the Flight?

Yes, you can take your champagne while enjoying your flight. This adds a taste of class and luxury, especially if you’re in a celebration mood while journeying. However, taking this drink on board has to be done with moderation.

Can I Drink My Own Champagne During the Flight?

In this section, I have shared vital points that you must abide by when taking your own checked-in luggage with champagne on the plane:

  • Strictly abide by the airline’s policies and regulations concerning alcohol consumption on the plane.
  • Remember, higher altitudes always intensify the effects of alcoholic beverages.
  • Since the plane’s interior can lead to dehydration, ensure you remain hydrated during your flight by taking plenty of water.

Besides elevating your flight experience, my proven guidelines will prevent conflict with the airline’s personnel and other passengers.

Can You Bring Beer, Liquor, and Wine Bottles On A Plane?

You can carry liquor, beer, wine bottles, and other carbonated beverages on a plane, but there are restrictions to how much alcohol you will bring and your destination.

Based on the TSA guidelines:

  • There’s no limit to alcohol less than 48 proof or 24% ABV, which covers many wines and beers.
  • You can only carry 5 liters (1.3 gallons) if the alcohol surpasses 24% but not exceeding 70% ABV (48 to 140 proof).
  • You cannot bring alcoholic beverages superseding 70% ABV (more than 140 proof) on checked or carry-on bags to the plane.
Can I Drink My Own Champagne During the Flight?

For those flying internationally:

  • United Kingdom: Alcohol content over 70% is limited; you can carry 5 liters for drinks ranging between 24% and 70%, and 24% or less doesn’t have limits.
  • Mexico: In this country, you can bring 5 liters of alcohol, but it shouldn’t surpass 70%. Alcohol content with 24% or less isn’t limited. 
  • Canada: While in Canada, I discovered there is no limit for drinks with 24% or less alcohol content. However, you are only limited to 5 liters for drinks between 24% and 70%, and over 70% is illegal. 
  • The European Union: While journeying within the European Union, you’re only limited to 110 liters of beer, 90 liters of fortified wine, 10 liters of spirits and 90 liters of wine with 60 liters of sparkling wine. When coming into the EU from a non-EU country, you cannot bring more than 2 liters of fortified or sparkling wine, 4 liters of non-sparkling wine, 1 liter of spirits or 16 liters of beer.

Before flying internationally, take time to study the regulations regarding alcohol content in your destination. Learning the rules will hinder you from infringing on the laws of that land and prevent conflict with the authorities.

Travelers’ Experience of Carrying Champagne on a Plane

Carrying champagne and drinking it on the plane is a common practice globally. Some folks also travel to collect champagne and wine. Here, I share the experiences of people who often travel with champagne and wine.

Mr. Omalley says:

I use wine diapers whenever I take a flight to any destination and have never experienced any problems when I carry champagne. If my box or suitcase doesn’t fit in a mummy or wine diaper, I create my own by wrapping the box using bubble wrap and taping it.

I also ensure the bottle is secured in place and surrounded with very soft items to protect it from breakage. Mr. Omalley

Steph a regular air traveler says:

I have traveled with wine from Europe very safely using a padded suitcase. Before I had these suitcases, I used to transport champagne with very good packing. All I did was cushion the box with soft materials such as clothes. Besides packing well, I also wrap the champagne with a plastic bag to prevent any mess, if the bottle leaks. Aquamarine Steph

Nick says:

Carrying champagne shouldn’t be an issue as long as it is packed correctly. I have done the reverse before by bringing dozens of champagne whenever I visit Epernay, but I carried them in decreasing quantities through South America, USA, Europe, and back to Australia. Although I had doubts before, champagne houses assured me that I could safely carry sparkling wines in my luggage and my experience has so far proven they were 100% right. Nick

Bismarck supports what other reviewers have said on the Australian Frequent Flyer Forum. He says:

I traveled with 4 bottles of champagne on the way back to Australia, including a 2000 Comtes. As long the champagne is well wrapped in clothes, it will be fine. Bismarck


Can you bring champagne on board?

Yes, TSA guidelines allow passengers to transport champagne on the plane using carry-one or checked baggage. However, they must comply with TSA rules for liquid containers.

What is the maximum quantity of champagne allowed in carry-on baggage?

There is no limit to the amount of champagne you can carry on the plane. However, you need to adhere to TSA’s 3-1-1 rule in regard to the total volume of liquids. The bottle should be 100 millimeters (3.4 ounces) or less to fit perfectly in a quart-sized plastic bag.

Can I bring champagne in multiple bottles in my carry-on bag on a plane?

Yes. You won’t be restricted to carrying several bottles of champagne in your checked baggage or carry-on bag as long as their volume doesn’t surpass the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule.

Are there any restrictions on the type of champagne bottle closure?

It is wise to pick champagne with twist-off caps or closures and other bottles that don’t need to be opened with corkscrews with knives or blades. This will prevent the seizure of prohibited items by airport security.


Boarding your flight with bottles of champagne is generally permitted by the TSA, but it is crucial to follow their regulations for liquids and containers. Also, comply with the 3-1-1 rule to carry the required amount to avoid any issues with the airport authorities.

Before air travel, I always review the latest TSA regulations through my airline to avoid surprises. I’m confident following this tactic will avert any conflict with the authorities. Also, ensure the bottle is sealed correctly and securely packed to prevent damage and leakage.

Have you ever traveled with a wine suitcase or a champagne bottle in a carry-on bag? If yes, kindly share your experience in the comment section below. I would be glad to learn from your experience.

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