Can You Chew Tobacco On A Plane? 2023 Flying Guide

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Can you chew tobacco on a plane? You are on the right blog post if you also want clarification on this topic. Being a frequent traveler, I have decided to craft a helpful guide that will clear your all doubts. Read on as I will highlight the TSA regulations, tobacco confiscation, and traveler experiences. So, without any delay, let’s get started!

Tobacco On A Plane

Can You Chew Tobacco On A Plane? Important Rules For Flying Within The Country

Let me share a personal experience with you. A few months ago, I traveled to New York and Rhode Island. Josuha, my traveling partner was not allowed to carry smokeless tobacco in these localities of the USA. To my surprise, when we inquired about it, we were told that the sale of smokeless tobacco was restricted. Also, we were informed by the authorities that such tobacco products are not permissible in localities like Colorado and Minnesota.

Can You Chew Tobacco On A Plane. Rules Related To Chewing Tobacco For Flying Within The Country

For a better understanding, I have listed three important takeaways. Let’s quickly go through them before diving into the details.

  • Overall permission and local regulations: Following the policies of the Transportation Security Administration, chewing tobacco can be carried on a plane. Still, you must also check for local regulations before packing your chewing tobacco in your bags.
  • Carry-on baggage and luggage: You can carry chewing tobacco in your luggage or the bag in your hand, but most airlines do not allow the use of chewing tobacco onboard, just like cigarettes or electronic cigarettes.
  • Possible fines: If authorities find you forbidden from chewing tobacco with you, you will be fined according to local regulations.

Rules Related To Chewing Tobacco For International Flights

For international travelers, it is a must to obey the laws of the country you are traveling to. For instance, Thailand imposed a ban on smokeless tobacco products so you shouldn’t be carrying it while going there. All the items you carry in your luggage must be regulated by Transportation Security Administration rules.

Rules Related To Chewing Tobacco For International Flights

Let me tell you the places where you can travel and bring chewing tobacco.

  • Canada – Last year when I flew to Canada with Joshua, he was carrying it with him and I was a little worried because of it. So to put me at ease he and I asked the boarding officer about it and he informed us that you can carry it legally.
  • Australia – According to TSA, commercially importing or selling smokeless tobacco, including chewing tobacco, is a big no-no. However, you carry up to 1.5 kg without a hitch for personal use only.
  • Mexico – When I traveled to Mexico, I found out that there is no ban on chewing tobacco, so carrying it with you poses no issues.
  • EU – My next-door neighbor Micheal visited the EU and told me that the sale of tobacco is a no-go except in Sweden, where chewing tobacco isn’t banned or strictly regulated.
  • UK – There are no restrictions on chewing tobacco, and it’s perfectly fine to bring dip on a plane and into the country.

Carrying Chewing Tobacco When Flying: 5 Airlines Listed

Based on my experiences, I’ll now detail the policies of five airlines regarding carrying chewing tobacco during flights, shedding light on whether they permit it or not. Let’s learn about them below:

1. American Airline Service

Being one of the most popular airlines, American Airline Service follow all the rules stated by TSA strictly. I was carrying some of the tobacco for Joshua and before my travel, I inquired the authorities about the policy related to chewing tobacco and if I could carry it. They strictly prohibited carrying such items as per TSA Policy.

2. Delta Airways

Delta Airways is considered to be one of the most comfortable airlines internationally. However, during my travel, I came to know that they prohibit carrying any form of tobacco whether secondhand smoke or pack smokeless tobacco. Luckily I wasn’t carrying any tobacco product at that time and later visited their official website for confirmation.

Delta Airways
Note: Remember that carrying such items is prohibited on both Delta connection carrier flights and Delta-operated flights system-wide.

3. Southwest Airlines

Recently, Joshua ditched me and took a spin alone with Southwest Airlines. Huh! My revenge is loading for him. But as far as it comes to our topic, he told me that Southwest is one of the few airlines that allows to bring chewing tobacco 2-packs, whether in the luggage or even in the hand-carry bag.

4. Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has been operational since 1932. To date, they have maintained their reputation by following all the government-stated rules. So, during our first-ever travel with the airline, they confiscated the chewing tobacco we were carrying. However, they told us about their policy that they strictly prohibit items such as chewing or smokeless tobacco.

However, more confirmation came through their official website and this made us to be more careful for any future travel with this airline.

Alaska Airlines

5. JetBlue Air Service

A few years back, I came to experience traveling with JetBlue Air service. At that time I was flying to meet a friend and he asked me to bring some secondhand smoke tobacco. I was confused about whether chewing tobacco allowed onboard. I was quick enough to visit their social media page for announcements and then came to know that they do not consider smokeless tobacco as a safety concern.

This was stated on their Twitter handle and thus I was able to carry smokeless tobacco with me without any restrictions.

Consequences of Chewing Tobacco Confiscation

Here’s what happened with my friend Joshua. He was traveling to New York via Delta Airlines, and his chewing tobacco was in his carry bag. Thus, the authorities took it, and additional fines were levied against him, according to the local regulations.

You can do nothing once your chewing tobacco is confiscated. You will need to re-purchase your items if they are available. If not, you can spend the time traveling, trying to kick the habit.

Consequences of Chewing Tobacco Confiscation
Important! It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the guidelines of your airlines before traveling. In severe cases, it may also result in jail time.
Willa Carson
Learning the local rules and regulations about bringing chewing tobacco onboard is far better than facing confiscation issues. Willa Carson, An Avid World Traveler and Passionate Writer

Travelers Experience to Bring Chewing Tobacco In-Plane

Now, let me tell you the perspective of users who traveled with tobacco on a plane;


Sam shared his experience that he traveled with South West Air Company as they allowed him to carry chewing tobacco and smokeless tobacco products onboard. He further shared that he checked that the Federal Aviation Administration does not prohibit smokeless tobacco products on aircraft so he easily carried his chewing tobacco while traveling to the UK.


SusieLou told about her experience with Delta Airways, that she was traveling to Mexico and she carried her flavored smokeless tobacco goods along with her. Before her flight to Mexico, she asked the air company via email what their policy is, and they said they “don’t allow the use of smokeless tobacco products.” Thus this cleared her confusion completely.


Orski told about her journey that she was on a Jet Airline plane, and is a tobacco chewer. And she was allowed to dip on a plane. Other than that she was allowed to carry her other smokeless tobacco products in her handbag and even in her carry-on luggage.


Can you get tobacco through airport security?

Yes, you can get through airport security as per the rules set by TSA. But you need to check for the regulations of the place where you are traveling to get your tobacco through airport security. In case you forgot to check the regulations, declare them at customs so you won’t get in any trouble.

Can you dip on a Delta flight?

No, you cannot bring dip on a Delta flight. According to FAA regulations, dipping falls under the category of smokeless tobacco, so it is strictly prohibited.

Are there any limits to how much chewing tobacco I can bring on a plane?

No, there are no such limits to the amount of tobacco you can carry on an airplane in your carry-on baggage or the bags in your hand; however, only carry it for personal use(for powders you can carry up to only 12oz), and ensure that it is in safe packing. If it’s too much, it can be confiscated as it all depends on the TSA officer.

Can you bring Cigars on a Plane?

Yes, You can bring cigars on a plane; when packed. You can bring up to 50 cigars in your luggage. It is up to you to either take them along in your handbag or put them in your luggage. They must be kept in a properly sealed and humidified container, such as a travel humidor or a plastic bag with a humidification device.


Summing up can you chew tobacco on a plane, it all depends on the airline you choose to travel and the country you are flying to. For example, there’s no harm in carrying chewing tobacco while flying with Southwest or Jetblue Airlines. On the other hand, it’s a straight no if you opt for airlines such as Delta or Alaska. Moreover, I would recommend you declare everything to the customs officer and they will properly guide you about it.

In the worst case, if your chewing tobacco is confiscated, you must cooperate with the TSA officers. A heads up, you might get fined, so just pay your fine and be cooperative to avoid any unpleasant event.

Have you ever flown with an airline that restricts chewing tobacco onboard? Let me know in the comments below.

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