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Can you bring tweezers on a plane? If you want an answer to this question, you are reading the right blog post. I’ve made in-depth research and found some hassle-free travel rules. 

Read on to learn about TSA guidelines, tips for packing tweezers, and the permissibility of sharp objects. Let’s dive deeper into the details!

TSA Rules: Can You Bring Tweezers On A Plane? 

According to TSA rules, essential personal grooming items such as tweezers and nail clippers are generally permitted in carry-on bags. But you need to check out the following when carrying tweezers on a plane to save yourself from any inconveniences: 

TSA Rules Can You Bring Tweezers On A Plane

1. Advice on Selecting The Tweezers

Generally, it is recommended to bring tweezers that are shorter than 7 inches to pass through the security checkpoint. If your tweezers are longer than that, place them in your checked bag. 

Can You Bring Tweezers on a Plane. Advice on Selecting The Tweezers

2. International vs Domestic Flights

The type of allowed tweezers on a plane can also vary based on whether you travel on a domestic or an international flight:

  • Generally, you can put them in hand luggage on domestic flights:
  • If you’re traveling internationally, it depends on the country you’re departing from and landing to.

Therefore, you must know the security checks and the airline’s policies.

3. Airline Policies

In addition to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rules for domestic and international flights, you need to check the guidelines of the specific airline you’re flying with. Each airline may have its policies regarding what items are allowed in hand luggage and checked baggage.

Airline Policies
Important! Before the flight, visit the airline’s official website to check their policies on carrying tweezers. 

Is it Permissible to Pack Tweezers in Your Carry-On?

Unlike the requirements for scissors and razors, tweezers are permitted in a passenger’s carry-on bag without any added restrictions. Moreover, there is no limit on how many units you can transport. So you can keep as many as you want! 

  • Potential risks: Just keep in mind that your tweezers should fit in your carry-on bag and their size is 7 inches or less.
  • TSA security: Another thing to remember is that the final decision rests on the TSA officer on whether an item should go past the screening process. So, you must be mentally prepared for this.
Is it Permissible to Pack Tweezers in Your Carry-On?

Can You Bring Tweezers on a Plane in the Checked Luggage?

The short answer is yes. You can generally bring tweezers on a plane in your checked luggage. Unlike hand luggage, where certain sharp objects might be restricted, checked baggage usually allows for a wider range of items, including tweezers.

Now that we know about Tweezer’s permissibility, let’s learn how to pack them properly.

4 Handy Tips for Packing Tweezers in Your Luggage

Packing tweezers in your luggage will help protect them from damage and ensure they do not pose any risk to other items. Here’s the best way to pack tweezers in your luggage:

  • Use a Protective Case: Place the tweezers in a protective case if available. Many tweezers come with a case or sleeve when purchased. If you no longer have the original case, use a small, sturdy container to ensure they’re securely wrapped.
  • Place in a Ziplock Bag: To prevent the tweezers from poking through the cloth or towel, place them in a Ziplock bag or a toiletry bag before wrapping them. This will also protect your clothing from getting caught on the tweezers.
  • Keep in a Safe Location: Pack the tweezers in a secure part of your carry-on luggage where they won’t move around too much during travel. Placing them in an interior pocket or between clothing layers can help keep them stable.
  • Label the Container: If you’re using a container to store the tweezers, consider labeling it “Tweezers” or “Personal Care Items” for easy identification.
4 Handy Tips for Packing Tweezers in Your Luggage

Discussing the Permissibility of 10 Different Tweezers

When packing for your flight, knowing what kind of tweezers are allowed on the plane is essential. Different types of tweezers may be subject to varying restrictions based on their features. Below is a table summarizing the types of tweezers you can typically take on a plane.

Type of Tweezers

Allowed on Plane

Basic Tweezers:


Precision Tweezers:


Slant-Tip Tweezers:


Rounded-Tip Tweezers:


Point-Tip Tweezers:


Knife-like Tweezers:


Splinter Tweezers:


Ingrown Hair Tweezers:


Travel-Safe Tweezers:


Specialized Tweezers:

Depends on Design and Length of Tips

There can be certain occasions when Tweezers are not allowed. Let’s learn more about this topic in detail:

Reasons for In-Flight Prohibition of Tweezers

Tweezers are not universally banned from airlines but require a basic style in hand luggage and checked baggage. However, some specialized types of tweezers may be subject to restrictions or prohibitions. The reason for these restrictions is primarily related to aviation security concerns. Let’s check at some of the reasons why they are banned: 

  • Some airlines ban point-tip tweezers are they can be potentially used as weapons.
  • While basic tweezers are usually allowed, airport security officers might only sometimes have the time or resources to determine the exact type and safety of specialized tweezers. Therefore, to maintain simplicity and efficiency, they ban it. 
Reasons for In-Flight Prohibition of Tweezers

What Other Sharp Objects Can Be Included in Checked Baggage?

You can generally bring sharp objects such as razors, pocket knives, and nail clippers in your checked luggage. As the cargo hold of the aircraft stores it, the regulations for items in checked baggage are typically less strict than those for carry-on luggage.

Let’s look at some everyday-use grooming items and see if you can bring them on a plane. 

1. Straight Razors & Safety Razors

Disposable razors are allowed in checked luggage. However, it’s essential to consider placing them in a case or cover to prevent accidental injuries to carry on baggage handlers or other items.

Straight Razors & Safety Razors

2. Pocket Knife

In most cases, pocket knives are permitted in checked luggage. But, I recommend you review the airline’s specific guidelines and the regulations of the countries you are departing from and flying to.

Pocket Knife
Important! Some countries might have stricter rules regarding knives, even in checked baggage.

3. Nail Clippers & Nail Files

Since nail clippers are not pointed enough to harm someone, they are considered safe for travel and are allowed in carry-on and checked luggage. 

Nail Clippers & Nail Files

For further insights, I would recommend you to watch this super helpful video.


Can you bring tweezers and scissors on the plane?

Yes, you can generally bring small scissors and tweezers on a plane. But, keep in mind that the length of your items should not exceed 7 inches.

Can I Take Eyebrow Tweezers on a Plane?

Yes, you can take eyebrow tweezers on a plane. As long as eyebrow tweezers have slanted or rounded tips without sharp edges, they are generally permitted in carry-on and checked luggage.

Where Do Tweezers Go in The Luggage?

When packing tweezers in your luggage, placing them in your checked baggage is best. While tweezers are typically allowed in hand luggage, they might be subject to additional scrutiny during security checks.

Is a shaving kit allowed in flight?

Yes, shaving kits are generally allowed on flights. However, certain sharp objects might be subject to specific regulations. For example, razors are properly stored and secured to prevent injuries to carry-on baggage handlers and other items.

Can you bring sharp tweezers on a plane?

It depends on the type of sharp tweezers. Basic tweezers with slanted or rounded tips without sharp or knife-like ends are generally allowed in checked and carry-on luggage. However, certain specialized tweezers with very fine or needle-like points might be subject to restrictions due to potential safety concerns.


Summing it up, you can bring tweezers on a plane, but there are some essential guidelines to follow. TSA generally allows basic tweezers in carry-on and checked luggage. But you should ensure they have slanted or rounded tips and are shorter than 7 inches to pass through security quickly.

For your carry-on luggage, make sure the tweezers fit comfortably and securely. As for checked luggage, it is generally permitted. However, it’s a good idea to place it in a protective case or wrap it in clothing to prevent damage.

Have you ever faced any difficulty in bringing tweezers on a plane? Share your experience with me and our users in the comments down below!

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