Can You Bring a Taser on a Plane: 50 States Rules for 2023

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Can you bring a Taser on a plane? Those who consider using Tasers as self-defense items frequently ask this question.

This article will outline airport security regulations regarding transporting stun guns, tasers, and other devices and answer common questions during check-in. Let’s begin!

Quick Overview of a Stun Gun or Taser

A stun gun or Taser is an electroshock weapon designed to temporarily incapacitate an individual by delivering a shock. These devices are used as safety items by:

  • Law enforcement agencies,
  • Civilians.

The primary purpose is immobilizing an attacker or gaining control over a potentially dangerous situation without causing significant harm or injury.

Can You Bring a Taser on a Plane. Quick Overview of a Stun Gun or Taser


The use of TASER and stun guns is frequently reported. So much so that the average person interchanges the two terms. But they differ primarily in four ways:

  • Brand: The TASER brand from Axon made civilian use of electric shock weapons for safety more common. This implies not all stun guns are TASERs.
  • Range: While both devices cause pain, TASERs are more efficient at incapacitating muscles, rendering attackers immobile. Stun guns require proximity and deliver a painful shock to deter attackers. TASERs use projectile prongs that can reach targets up to 15 feet away.
  • Reusability: The two differ in usage in the following ways. TASERs are not reusable because the wires and propellant become unusable after one or two shots. A stun gun simply plugs into a standard wall outlet for a complete recharge and is used as long as the battery has power.
  • Price: In comparison, TASER devices cost more.

State Regulations for Tasers and Stun Guns

Understanding the legal regulations is crucial for individuals seeking to possess or carry these self-defense devices. Below is a comprehensive table outlining the laws regarding civilian ownership of these devices in different states across the United States.


State Regulations





– Illegal if under 18

– Illegal under 21 on school grounds

– Illegal to carry if you're violating a protective order





–  Illegal if under 18

–  Cannot give or sell a taser to someone under 18 (Class B Felony)


Legal except for:

– Felons

– If convicted of assault

– Addicted to narcotic drug

– Under 16s

– Children 16 to 17 without a guardian or parent's written consent



– Illegal if used to commit a crime


Requires a dangerous weapons permit

Illegal if:

– You're following a protective order

– An order to seize your firearms is in effect

– Addicted to drugs or using them illegally

– You have a mental illness history



District of Columbia

Legal if over 18

– Can use a stun gun to protect yourself or your property



– Cannot conceal carry or open carry without a license

– Allowed for self-defense

– Cannot be used by those who've committed a felony

– Adult supervision if under 16



– Cannot use a stun gun if you've committed a felony

– Requires a permit

– Cannot carry one while in possession of marijuana


Prohibited by penalty of misdemeanor





– Requires a Firearms Owners Identification Card

– For a FOID, you must: Be over 21 or have parental consent and no criminal history

– Not be addicted to narcotics

– You are not subject to a protective order prohibiting you from carrying a firearm

– Not a felon



– Permit required

– Not allowed to carry on school premises



– Illegal in Denison County

– Cannot carry a concealed stun gun without a concealed weapons permit











– Requires a background check

– Illegal if you've committed a violent crime



– Requires a license

– Needs a criminal background check

– Cannot obtain a license if Under 21

– Following an extreme risk or domestic restraining order

–  A felon



– Requires a background check


– for felons or who have committed misdemeanors

– People with dishonorable discharge

– If a court order prohibits possessing electronic weapons or firearms




– if you've committed a drug-related crime or violent crime

– for minors to carry tasers



– Requires concealed carry permit









– Use for self-defense purposes


– for felons

– If you've been admitted to a mental hospital

New Hampshire


– Must be at least 18 years old

– Illegal to carry if you have committed a felony

New Jersey


– Must 18 years old

– Illegal if you're a felon

New Mexico


New York


– Must be 18 years old

– Illegal if you're a felon

North Carolina


– Only used for self-defense

– Illegal on school property

New Dakota


– Requires a permit you take a Taser that can deliver multiple bursts







– Using a stun gun against a law enforcement officer is a felony

– Unlawful use of a stun gun is a Class C felony



Rhode Island


South Carolina


South Dakota












– Illegal for a felon or committed serious juvenile offense

– Cannot be carried: In a courthouse

– In an airport terminal

– On school buses or property



– If you assault a police officer with a stun gun, it is a Class C felony

– Illegal to carry stun guns on school property

West Virginia




– Requires a license if carried outside of your private property



Can You Bring a Taser on a Plane? Guidelines for Passengers

Many travelers who have flights coming up wonder, can you bring a Taser on a plane? The short answer is no:

  • You can’t take the Taser onto the plane even with a permit.
  • A police officer or TSA agents can confiscate your Taser.
  • Although you can bring a Taser on a plane in checked baggage and have rendered the device inoperable to prevent accidental discharge, an officer can still confiscate it.

In your Carry-On Bag

TASERs, any other electric, battery-powered stun gun or electroshock weapons in your carry-on baggage are:

  • Expressly prohibited by the TSA.
  • They will be detected during screening if you attempt to bring them through the airport security checkpoint. At best, confiscated by a TSA officer; at worst, according to your state and its legality, you may be charged.
  • However, you are permitted to bring the internal rechargeable battery.
In your Carry-On Bag

In Checked-in Bags

Tasers are permitted in all checked bags, as previously mentioned, provided that the following rules are followed:

  • The Taser in the checked baggage is carried properly so that accidental discharge renders it inoperable.
  • Requirements for lithium batteries are met. Lithium batteries with a maximum power output of 100 watts each are not allowed.
  • A 2-gram lithium cap is on your extra (uninstalled, non-rechargeable) batteries. A maximum of 100 watt hours can be obtained from any lithium-ion rechargeable battery. You can request permission from the airline if you require larger spare batteries.

Are Stun Guns Allowed on International Flights?

If you are taking an international flight, then chances are tasers are prohibited where you are going. Double-check the laws governing dangerous weapons in the state or country you are traveling to.

For instance, even as defense equipment, citizens of the following nations are prohibited from possessing tasers or other conducted electrical weapons:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • China
  • Belgium
  • Japan
  • Ireland
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom

Therefore, you shouldn’t travel to these countries with tasers, even in your checked luggage, because customs officers seize them.

Are Stun Guns Allowed on International Flights?

Airline Policies Regarding Tasers on a Plane

It’s important to note that individual airlines may have additional regulations. Tasers are not permitted through airport security or carry-on bags, regardless of the airline. The information provided for different airlines below pertains solely to checked bags in each airline.

Southwest Airlines

Tasers are permitted on Southwest flights provided:

  • They are packed safely in your checked baggage.
  • Travelers may bring up to 20 spare batteries for all their devices as long as they are packed in carry-on bags.

Delta Airlines

In Delta:

  • Tasers are not included in Delta’s list of prohibited items, but some lithium battery types are.
  • No lithium battery with a capacity greater than 160 watt-hours is permitted.
  • If you have any extra lithium batteries, place them in your carry-on bag. If not, try to bring unopened batteries only.
Delta Airlines

American Airlines

In American Airlines:

  • Tasers and other self-defense tools are permitted but must be stored in a checked bag.
  • Batteries are prohibited from being in checked baggage. Instead, put them in your carry-on bag in a plastic bag.


When it comes to transporting a Taser in your own checked luggage, JetBlue follows TSA’s rules.

United Airlines

When traveling on United Airlines:

  • You can include your Taser in checked baggage if the batteries are removed and the device is inoperable.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines:

  • Permits the carriage of certain protective devices like pepper spray in your carry-on bags.
  • Tasers must be placed in a checked bag or checked luggage.
Alaska Airlines

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines:

  • Directs passengers to refer to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website for taser guidelines.

Taser with Lithium Batteries: Safety Measures

If your taser operates on lithium batteries, you are allowed to bring it in your checked luggage. However, it is crucial to:

  • Ensure the batteries are turned off and there is no risk of accidental activation during the flight.
  • Spare batteries must be packed in your carry-on bag.

This restrictions is in place because they have been known to explode or catch fire onboard planes.

Taser with Lithium Batteries: Safety Measures
Important! It’s worth noting that if your stun gun is powered by an internal rechargeable battery that plugs into the wall, it likely contains a lithium battery.


Can you Fly with Taser and Pepper Spray?

You can fly with a Taser and pepper spray, but specific regulations exist. Pepper spray is allowed in checked baggage in a four fl. oz. container with a safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge.

Tasers and electro-shock weapons must be in a checked bag in a way that makes them inoperable to prevent accidental discharge.

Is a Taser Illegal to Carry Around?

The legality of carrying a Taser depends on the laws of your state or country. In some places, having a Taser for self-defense is legal, while in others, it is illegal.

Can you Bring Pepper Spray and a Taser on a Plane?

No, you cannot bring pepper spray or Taser on a plane as carry-on items only in a checked bag. According to TSA guidelines in the USA, they are considered prohibited items in carry-on luggage.

Is a Taser the Same as a Stun Gun?

No, a Taser and a stun gun are not the same. A taser shoots out probes that can reach up to 15 feet away and deliver an electric shock. A stun gun requires direct contact to deliver a shock.

How Strong is a Police Taser?

The strength of a police taser varies, but the most common models have a voltage of 50,000 volts and a current of 1.5 milliamps. The duration of the shock is usually 5 seconds.


We have explored the question of whether Tasers can be brought onto planes. While Tasers are generally not allowed in a carry-on bag, they can be transported in checked luggage if rendered inoperable and meeting battery restrictions.

Specific airlines have different policies, but the TSA officers have the final say. Ensure you adhere to local laws and avoid bringing Tasers to countries where they are prohibited.

Have you encountered any challenges when traveling with safety devices? Share your experiences in the comments!

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