Are Pins Allowed on Planes: Tips to Pack Pins for Travelling in 2023

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Are pins allowed on planes? It may seem like a small issue at first but it is a question many concerned travelers ask. Making a mistake like packing the wrong pins on a plane could harm your travel experience. Luckily, we are here to help you avoid that situation.

We will discuss whether it is ok to bring safety pinson a plane, what the TSA rules say, and tips on how to pack decorative pins. Let’s get started!

Why People Bring Safety or Lapel Pins on Planes

Many people may wish to bring pins for a variety of reasons:

  • Wear lapel pins on the flight if they are wearing or packing a suit.
  • People also use decorative pins or enamel pins to accessorize their bags.
  • Women may also bring safety pins on a plane to secure their hairstyle or dress.
  • Pins are also a common souvenir or gift that travelers may bring back for someone after they return from their trip.

That is why it is important you know the regulations so you can travel with them safely.

Are Pins Allowed on Planes. Why People Bring Safety or Lapel Pins on Planes

Bringing Safety Pins on a Plane? Yes or No

When it comes to what one may and cannot carry on board, airport security can be strict. It’s natural to question if safety pins fall within the TSA’s rigorous restrictions against knives and other dangerous objects with the sharp point. Let’s take a look at two different baggage options.

I. Checked Baggage

The answer for checked baggage is positive. Safety pins are permitted to keep in them on airplanes. All of the sharp things need to have their pointed edges safely tucked away, though.

To safely pack a safety pin:

  • Make sure the pin is closed or fastened before you pack it.
  • If the pin has multiple sharp points, you can wrap it in a cloth or put them in a small metal box.

This is very important as the airport security officer examining your checked bags at the airport security checkpoints may get hurt if the pins are not secured properly.

I. Checked Baggage. What you need to safely pack a safety pin?

II. Carry-On Bags

The rules and procedures are very similar with carry-on bags as well.

  • Remember to secure the safety pins properly or keep them in a small container.
  • Also, if you are planning on transporting any of these items in your carry-on, you should probably alert airport security beforehand.
  • If you do this, the agents will be able to identify the items without opening your bag as often.
II. Can I put a safety pin in my carry-on bags?

What Will be the Response of the Metal Detector?

The most popular material for safety pins is steel. Since most metal detectors are tuned to identify steel, the safety pin could be detected.

  • Keep in mind that not every detector is created equal, and some can detect something as small as a bobby pin while others require something much larger.
  • Souvenir Disney pins, for example, can trigger the alert even if they are rather insignificant.
What Will be the Response of the Metal Detector?

Recommendation: Thus it is recommended you remove any metallic objects like lapel pins or decorative pins before passing through a metal detector.

Various Metallic Items Allowed on Planes

TSA permits the following in carry-on luggage only:

  • Pins, such as decorative Disney pins or lapel pin.
  • Crochet hooks.
  • Disposable razors.
  • Lock picks.
  • Nail clippers.
  • Pencil sharpeners.
  • Sewing needles.
  • Tweezers.

However, some items are forbidden to have in the carry-on bag, such as:

  • Liquids that can catch fire, such as those found in cans of spray paint and gas canisters.
  • Anything that shoots a projectile or looks like a weapon. Some of these items, including cap guns and box cutters, are prohibited on carry-ons but are permitted in checked luggage.
  • Matchboxes and matchsticks.
Various Metallic Items Allowed on Planes

The Stance of TSA

The Stance of TSA

Here are the 4 must-know things:

  • Small safety pins, decorative pins, lapel pins, and so forth are not considered to be a threat by the TSA and can be brought on board in a carry-on bag or fastened to bags and clothing.
  • Remember that the TSA agent who checks your bags makes the final call.
  • When passing through airport security, if a pin triggers an alert, the TSA will inspect it.
  • Large pins that may be used as weapons to attack someone would be the only kind that is not allowed on the plane.
The Stance of TSA: Small safety pins, decorative pins, lapel pins, and so forth are not considered to be a threat by the TSA

Also, check out this helpful video to learn what’s not recommended to bring in.

An Insight into Case of Confiscation

A passenger, Janice, highlighted the confiscation of her sewing machine along with the 15 safety pins. She wasn’t happy with it at all. But, we can help you avoid the unpleasant situation. It’s better the pack them correctly and have a hassle-free trip. Read on to learn how to pack like a pro!

Helpful Tips on Packing Decorative Pins

Safety, both your own and the airport security’s, is the most important thing to keep in mind when packing pins. You don’t want the airport officials who may search your carry-on or checked bags to get hurt by the sharp pins. Here are some tips to help you avoid any injury or trouble at the airport:

  • Always make sure the back of a lapel pin or bobby pin is properly attached.
  • To protect them during transport, you can use bubble wrap, towels, or other soft materials.
  • It may be easy to just fasten fragile enamel pins to your clothes or carry them with you.
  • Be cautious to safely fasten any valuable pins to your clothing or inside your carry-on bags before going through airport security.
Helpful Tips on Packing Decorative Pins.
Safety, both your own and the airport security's, is the most important thing to keep in mind when packing safety pins.


Are pins allowed in flight?

Yes, pins such as a lapel pin are allowed in flight in both carry-on luggage and checked luggage as long as they are safely secured so they don’t hurt anyone.

Which things are not allowed in flight?

Items that may be used to injure someone, like a firearm or an object with sharp points are not allowed. Flammable items are also forbidden.

Are bobby pins allowed in carry-on?

Yes, bobby pins are allowed in a carry-on.

Are stapler pins allowed in airport?

Yes, TSA will allow you to travel with a stapler and stapler pins.

Can enamel pins be taken on a plane?

Yes, enamel pins can be taken on a plane. The rules are the same as for other types of pins.


The final say is that people can bring safety pins with them on their flight by following the advice given above. But, it’s important to remember that they must be contained to prevent injury to other passengers.

It is likely a metal detector will be alerted if a traveler passes through it carrying safety pins, so be sure to remove them. It’s better to inform security beforehand to avoid an unpleasant situation.

How do you plan to place your pins before your next flight? Let us know in the comments.

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