Are Electric Toothbrushes Allowed On Planes? 2023 Travel Guide

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Are Electric Toothbrushes Allowed On Planes? Many travelers have major concerns about carrying personal items like toothbrushes owing to the stringent rules set by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

The last thing you wish is to have your gadget impounded by TSA officers or be forced to trash it. As a frequent traveler, I constantly carry my electric toothbrush in my carry-on bag, making my traveling easier, as I can use the device whenever necessary.

In this article, I will explore whether airplane authorities allow toothbrushes and TSA recommendations on whether to pack these devices in a carry-on bag or checked luggage. Join me and uncover all the details!

Electric Toothbrushes
Willa Carson
Up in the air or on the ground, an electric toothbrush is your dental companion everywhere! Willa Carson, Traveling Enthusiast and Senior Writer at Happywayfarrer

Can You Bring an Electric Toothbrush in The Carry-On Bag: My Experience

Whenever I am traveling by air, my electric-powered toothbrush is always in my carry-on bag. I follow TSA regulations, which recommend this owing for safety measures. Because lithium-ion batteries are used to power toothbrushes can fire.

While it is in the checked bag, where no one can extinguish it. However, if the batteries start a fire in your hand luggage, it can speedily be extinguished by the airline crew.

Are Electric Toothbrushes Allowed On Planes. Can You Bring an Electric Toothbrush in The Carry-On Bag: My Experience
Note: One concern that people have is the sharp parts that a rechargeable toothbrush has when detached from the brush itself. Nevertheless, if you must bring an electric toothbrush, safely store it in your carry-on bags.

Can You Bring An Electric Toothbrush in Your Checked Bag: Self-tested

When traveling by plane, I sometimes pack my power-driven toothbrush and its lithium battery in my checked bags. With the relaxed TSA rules and FAA guidelines, you can pack electrically driven devices, including toothbrushes in the checked bags. The only things that must always be in your carry-on luggage are the spare lithium batteries.

However, storing an electric toothbrush in the hand luggage is a recommended safety precaution. In addition, you can still maintain oral hygiene during long journeys, especially if your checked luggage is delayed or gets lost during your travels.

Can You Bring An Electric Toothbrush in Your Checked Bag: Self-tested

Are Electric Toothbrushes Allowed On Planes? Official Rules and Regulations

Yes, passengers can carry electric toothbrushes on airplanes because they are harmless personal care items. However, there are strict rules that every traveler must adhere to when traveling with these devices. Here, I will look at different regulations and why they matter.

TSA Regulations

As I said before TSA regulations allow travelers to bring electric toothbrushes in either carry-on baggage or checked luggage. However, for a toothbrush that uses lithium batteries, TSA recommends putting them in your carry-on bag instead of the checked bag. In case of any eventualities or issues with your lithium-ion battery, the highly experienced flight crew will handle it efficiently.

TSA Regulations
Note: While going through the TSA security screening, you don’t have to give out your electric-driven toothbrush for detailed X-ray screening, unlike other portable electronic devices, such as laptops, eReaders, and tablets. Plus, I have never heard of any traveler complaining that TSA officers took away their electronic toothbrushes.

FAA Regulations and Guidelines

From my research, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) doesn’t provide specific policies on a toothbrush on a plane but offers strict guidelines on carrying lithium batteries. According to the FAA, lithium batteries are grouped under dangerous goods and must always be packed in hand luggage instead of the checked-in bag.

FAA Regulations and Guidelines

Airline Policies

Although the TSA and FAA provide general guidelines for carrying a toothbrush on a plane, I always check the rules based on the airline I use. I discovered that checking with the specific airline before your travel is essential since the rules are different. Most airlines will have additional restrictions on electric toothbrushes and lithium-ion devices.

I always take my time to confirm the latest airline policies and their size limitations regarding carry-on luggage. I know the importance of packing my electric toothbrush in carry-on bags, particularly for long flights. Knowing the airline policies allows me to enjoy my traveling adventures without worrying about my battery-powered devices being confiscated or trashed at the airport.

Airline Policies

How to Pack Your Electric Toothbrush?

As a frequent traveler, the importance of properly packing my electric toothbrush goes beyond my comfort, as it guarantees a seamless experience across airport security checks and a refreshing smile at my final destination. Here, I will share my insights into hassle-free packing when taking your toothbrush on a plane and critical considerations for a smooth journey:

How to Pack Your Electric Toothbrush?
  • Fully Charged Toothbrush: I always ensure my toothbrush has a full battery before packing my luggage. This ensures I never experience low battery issues during my journey, which comes in handy when I’m traveling long distances.
  • Always Turn Off and Lock the Electric Toothbrush: From my experience, I know the power button on the toothbrushes may be turned on accidentally. Particularly when placed in a tightly packed bag or suitcase. To prevent this, I ensure my electric teeth cleaning device is turned off, and when carrying one with a travel lock feature.
  • Pack Securely: I always pack my electric-based toothbrushes in their protective cover or case. In case your toothbrush doesn’t have a case, buy one before my travel to protect the device from damage or accidental activation.
  • Carefully Store All Spare Parts: Sometimes, I carry an electronic toothbrush with a removable head and other accessories. To ensure the safety of these parts, I always pack them securely in a plastic bag or a separate compartment.
  • Pack The Charger Cautiously: I ensure the cord is neatly coiled whenever I travel with my toothbrush charger. I pack the charger separately from my toothbrush to prevent the tangling of portable electronic devices.
  • Separately Pack Batteries and Heating Elements: When packing, I keep the batteries and heating elements of my electronic devices and electronic toothbrushes separately. This helps to avoid accidental fires when traveling on an airplane.
Important! Avoid carrying faulty or damaged batteries or electric toothbrushes. This is essential because they can generate excessive heat or create sparks. It’s very dangerous.

My Favorite Electric Toothbrush For Travel – the Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 

Now, I am going to share my favorite electric toothbrush for traveling: the Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean. Here are some of the features, which make it an outstanding electric-powered toothbrush:

  • Whitens and brightens your teeth in just 7 days compared to manual toothbrushes.
  • 3 brushing modes: White, Clean, and Gum Care, customizing your brushing experience.
  • A pressure sensor that helps protect your gums and teeth from excessive brushing pressure.
My Favorite Electric Toothbrush For Travel - the Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 

Travelers’ Experience of Bringing an Electric Toothbrush on a Plane

Most travelers’ experiences I came across were positive about carrying a toothbrush on a plane. Below, I will share a few experiences travelers had carrying their electric toothbrushes on airplanes.

Lester Wiggins

According to Wiggins, the TSA allows passengers to bring an electric toothbrush and spare batteries in their carry-on luggage. Nonetheless, during your security screening, you may be requested to remove your electric toothbrushes if something doesn’t look right in the X-ray machines.

Joseph (John) Merrick

Merrick has traveled internationally several times and has always carried his electric-powered toothbrush and other battery-operated devices. Because of their lithium batteries, he always puts them in his backpack, which he uses as carry-on baggage. He suggests travelers should not pack their battery-operated devices in the check-in bag.

The Pool Mentor

He suggests that electric brushes are personal care items that don’t pose any security risks and are allowed by the TSA to be packed in carry-on luggage. He recommends securely packing these toothbrushes to avert accidental activation. He also suggests packing removable batteries separately to make TSA inspections of your bag more efficient.


Does My Electric Toothbrush Have A Lithium Battery?

Most probably yes, because today, most modern electric toothbrushes use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, but very few still use non-rechargeable batteries.

Can I Take An Electric Toothbrush in Hand Luggage EasyJet?

Yes. EasyJet permits travelers to pack electric toothbrushes in their hand luggage. If you are still doubtful, it’s best to double-check EasyJet’s current guidelines before your actual travel date to guarantee a hassle-free and smooth journey.

Where Do You Pack An Electric Toothbrush When Flying?

When flying, the most ideal place to pack your electric-powered toothbrush is in your hand luggage. This way, you will not only enjoy a hassle-free experience at all TSA checkpoints but will also use your toothbrush to keep your breath fresh, especially when traveling for long distances.

Can I Take Spare Lithium-Ion Batteries On A Plane?

Yes, it is safe and legal to carry your spare lithium-ion batteries on a plane in your carry-on luggage. Most airlines approve a maximum of two additional lithium batteries.


As you can see, electric toothbrushes are allowed on planes, whether it has a lithium-ion battery or not. However, pay attention that regarding the TSA and FAA regulations you should pack the device in your hand luggage for safety measures.

Have you ever had any challenges or experiences bringing an electric-powered toothbrush on a plane? Share your travel tales in the comments section below, and let’s keep this conversation going.

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