Adventure Island vs Aquatica: Which is the Better for Unforgettable Vacation?

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Are going to Florida for a vacation and you don’t know the most interesting place to visit between Adventure Island vs Aquatica Orlando that will give you an unforgettable experience? These two parks are the most highly visited and they both offer fun making it difficult to decide the best choice between them.

For you to decide the better one, I have prepared this 2023 guide containing the comparison of Adventure Island and Aquatica using 9 parameters, and the pros and cons of visiting both waterparks. I have also included a final verdict describing the best option and user’s experience for more insights into the parks.

So let’s get started right away!

Adventure Island vs Aquatica Orlando

Adventure Island vs Aquatica Comparison Chart

Adventure Island and Aquatica Orlando are theme parks that offer thrilling water slides, family-friendly rides, relaxation zones, dining options with different cuisines and snacks, cabana rentals, roller coasters, loungers rentals, and accommodating staff.

Adventure Island vs Aquatica Comparison Chart
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Although both water parks may have some similar features, there are still a lot of characteristics that distinguish them. Below, I will quickly brief you on their differences using the comparison charts below.


Adventure Island


Thrill Rides and Attractions:

You can enjoy a variety of high thrill rides to medium ones like Rapids Racer, Calypso Coaster, Colossal Curl, Wahoo Run, Solar Vortex, Vanish Point, etc

This water park features thrilling water slides and rides like Valley River Express, King Neptune’s Journey, Zambezi Rapids, signature water park, etc

Slides and Wave Pools:

You will find wave pools and lazy rivers for both adults and children such as Shaka-Laka Shores, Endless Surf, Paradise Lagoon, Rambling Bayou, etc

It has an underwater wave pool and lazy rivers like Dolphin Plunge, Roa's Rapids, Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, Walkabout Waters, etc


Combines water and Adventureland atmosphere

Water-themed atmosphere

Child-friendly Activities:

Splash Attack and Fabian’s Fun Port

Kata’s Kookaburra Cove, Commerson's Dolphins, and Turi’s Kid Cove

Ticket Prices:

Single-day tickets start from $86.99 per person

Single-day tickets start from $103

Dining Options:

You can get your food and Beverage at Surfside Café, Bayou Beach Club, Island Food Truck, etc

It features restaurants like Waterstone Grill, Adaptive’s Ice Cream Shop, and Loggerhead Lane Café

Meal ticket:

$25 for kids and $45 for Adults

From $25

Crowd level:

Always busy on weekends and afternoons, less crowded on nonpeak season and weekday mornings

Always busy most of the time and less populated on weekday mornings


Most accessible to people coming from the Tampa vicinity

Easily accessible to visitors coming from the Orlando area

Disability Preference:

Mostly cater to visitors with physical challenges

Main consideration for people with cognitive disability

Gift store/shop:

Island Surf Shop

Adaptations,Kiwi Traders

Relaxation Option:

You can chill out at Rambling Bayou

Aquatica also has it own called Loggerhead Lane

Nearby Park:

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Sea World, Orlando

Adventure Island Pros and Cons

Now that I have briefed some of the interesting activities you will meet at Adventure Island and Aquatica. I would like to highlight the pros and cons of both water parks before moving to a comprehensive description.

Adventure Island vs Aquatica. Adventure Island Pros and Cons

So let’s compare the positives and negatives of these beloved water parks together!

  • Family-friendly attractions
  • Variety of Thrilling rides
  • Combination of two themes
  • Low ticket prices
  • Exciting water slides
  • Wide range of food and beverage options
  • Provision for physically disabled
  • Adventurous activities and fun
  • Less crowded during non-peak season
  • A limited number of slides and wave pools
  • High ticket prices
  • Two of its attractions are open on weekends only

Aquatica Pros and Cons

Aquatica Orlando is an indoor water park with a family-friendly atmosphere with a variety of slides, and wave pools where all ages can have safe water play. Despite being best water park in Florida, it also has its pros and cons you need to consider when visiting which are as follows:

Aquatica Pros and Cons
  • Underwater theme park
  • Wide range of thrilling water slides
  • Family-styled water rides
  • Features indoor and outdoor games
  • World-class Spa
  • Kid-friendly areas
  • Easily accessible to Florida residents
  • A certified autism center
  • Lack of Adventrous fun
  • Usually crowded most of the time
  • Few of its restaurants open seasonally

9 Parameter Detailed Comparison

Yes, we are finally at the most interesting section of this article! In this section, I will be explaining in detail the features I used in comparing Adventure Island and Aquatica Orlando. Then I will decide the water park that wins based on the parameters below. So let’s slide in.

1. A Kid’s Friendly Atmosphere

I will be describing and comparing the features of kid-friendly activities you can find in both Adventure Island and Aquatica Park, Orlando under this parameter.

Adventure Island

Adventure Island offers a number of unique attractions and interactive water activities geared toward children like Splash Attack, Fabian’s Fun Port, etc.

A Kid's Friendly Atmosphere Adventure Island
  • Younger visitors can also enjoy thrilling rides and outdoor games like basketball, Key West rapids, bull ride, volleyball courts, etc.
  • This water park also features newly designed interactive shaded areas called Shaka-Laka Shores.
  • This area is a zero-depth play zone with a child-friendly structure with 25 play elements to entertain smaller kids like toddlers.

Aquatica Orlando Florida

Aquatica Orlando has a child-friendly area that offers Adrenaline-pumping rides and thrilling water slides like Turi’s Kid Cove, Riptide Race, etc.

A Kid's Friendly Atmosphere Aquatica Orlando Florida
  • There is also a dolphin plunge that gives a touch of animal encounters and marine life experiences to its young guests. This plunge takes visitors through a pool of dolphins in a tube.
  • Kata’s Kookaburra Cove in Aquatica is specially designed for toddlers, they have mini slides with shallow water and rooms to accommodate parents so they can keep an eye on their children.
  • This water park also has a lot of activities you can find in Adventure Island like Spark Attack similar to Walkabout Waters.

Winner: There is no winner here, both water parks have a lot of activities that are specifically for younger guests with different age groups.

2. Relaxation Center

There will always be the need to take a break from the thrilling rides you have done, you might feel like relaxing outdoors for free breeze and views. These water parks provide relaxation features which I will list under each.

Adventure Island

Adventure Island offers the opportunity for its visitors to chill out in its tropical lazy river called Rambling Bayou. This river has a lot of relaxation equipment like chairs, loungers, and cabanas with items like towels, mini-fridges, and lockers for privacy and safety purposes.

Relaxation Center Adventure Island

Aquatica Orlando

There are also lazy rivers at Aquatica, one of them is named Loggerhead Lane. This lazy river also gives guests a natural environment view with its unique underwater fish and dolphins feature. There are also cabana and locker rentals for the comfort of the viewers.

Relaxation Center Aquatica Orlando

Winner: Both Adventure Island and Aquarium offers fascinating relaxation zone but Aquatica Orlando kill the show with its underwater view available in its lazy rivers. Another thing that makes this water park win over the others is that it has premium services for its cabana rentals.

3. Rides and Attraction

The main reason for going to a water park is to enjoy thrilling rides and water slides which both Adventure Island and Aquatica offer to its guests. But there will definitely be a water park with a greater Adrenaline rush and high-speed thrills than the other. Take a look at the comparison below!

Adventure Island

Adventure Island has a tropical atmosphere with the most thrilling slides in Florida.

Rides and Attraction Adventure Island
  • Activities on this Island range from high-speed rides like the Caribbean Corkscrew to gentle water slides and free falls like Colossal Curl, Vanish Point,
  • There are also Lazy rivers like the Rambling Bayou to relax, etc. There is definitely a variety of entertainment for members of your family!
  • This water park has a 17000, square foot wave pool called Endless Surf while one of the wave pools is also called Shaka-Laka Shores for children.
  • Busch Gardens is one of the parks directly close to Adventure Island where you can see animal attractions to view.

Aquatica Orlando

Aquatica has unique water slides that cater to all ages such as two wave pools like Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, the fast-moving river ride like Roa’s Rapids, and the high-speed slide called Taumata Racer.

Rides and Attraction Aquatica Orlando
  • There are popular attractions like the beautiful water walls depicting Dubai’s rich arab heritage, the Japanese water walls have artworks relating to the Kyoto castle, and Family-friendly activities like the Walhalla Wave, Ray Rush, Kare Kare Curl, etc.
  • This park is divided into Sea World, Indoor Water Park, White Water World, and Volcano Adventure Island.
  • Aquatica Orlando is also close to three other parks; the Seaworld Parks, Walt Disney World, and Discovery Cove.

Winner: Adventure Island wins here, it has greater thrill levels of rides than Aquatica Orlando.

4. Ticket Cost and Special Events

Adventure Island and Aquatica Orlando offer one-day tickets and promo tickets for Holiday celebrations and special events.

Adventure Island

This water park ticket for a single day costs start from $86.99 per person plus an additional fee of $25 for food. The combination of food tickets and Admission tickets is relatively cheaper for special events and celebrations. There are also membership tickets that grant visitors the opportunity to save and play.

Ticket Cost and Special Events Adventure Island
  • These members are also given annual passes and discounts on ticket prices, dining, cabanas, and loungers as well as free parking space.
  • Adventure Island offers combo passes starting from $209.99.
  • This ticket offers twice entry into the combination of any of the four theme parks close which are: SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica Orlando, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, and Adventure Island.

Aquatica Orlando

Aquatica Orlando also has single-day tickets that are more expensive than Adventure Island starting from $103 with an additional dining cost of $25 dollars for kids and $45 for Adults. They also give discounts on special celebrations, you can check their website for up-to-date information.

Ticket Cost and Special Events Aquatica Orlando
  • Aquatica Orlando has membership options too and all that applies to Adventure Island membership applies to it.
  • Aquatica Orlando also offers combo tickets and they charge exactly like the price of Adventure Island.

Winner: Adventure Island offers a cheaper ticket price compared to Aquatica Orlando.

5. Water Cleanliness

Adventure Island and Aquatica maintain the quality of their water to ensure their visitors have safe and healthy fun.

Water Cleanliness

The two water parks always perform tests on the water and filter all impurities from it. Be rest assured that you and your family are safe because their water cleanliness meets industry standards and regulations.

Winner: Both Water parks keep their water clean.

6. Crowd Levels And Wait Times

Adventure Island or Aquatica Orlando is one of the most visited parks in Florida, There is no doubt you will always be high crowd level at some point in time. Below are the periods you can find high population in both parks

Adventure Island

Adventure Highland is usually busy on weekends and afternoons, but always free on non-peak seasons and weekday mornings. If you visit during the peak seasons and celebration periods there will be a long waiting time for you to get access to rides and water slides because you have to take turns.

Crowd Levels And Wait Times Adventure Island


This park is always crowded every time due to the wide range of activities and rides it offers to everyone. The only time you will find it less populated is on weekday mornings when everyone is busy with other things.

Crowd Levels And Wait Times Aquatica

Winner: Both parks are crowded at a particular time, so you need to make plans before you visit any one of them.

7. Dining Options

Outside food, coolers, warmers, etc are not allowed into Adventure Island or Aquatica Park, but you can find a lot of restaurants and cafes at each park’s food courts to satisfy your cravings and appetite.

Adventure island

You will find dining places like Surfside Café, Bayou Beach Club, and Island Food Truck. The dining cost for a child is $25 dollars while all-day dining costs $44.99 with an extensive menu. Adventure Island considers people with Allergies by providing a safe prepackaged option for them.

Dining Options Adventure island

You can also find the following food options:

  • Colossal Snacks is also available to serve pastries and pizza.
  • There is also a food court very close to the endless surf wave pool called “Captain Pete” where you can find a variety of snacks, hot dogs, cold beverages, and ice creams.

Aquatica Orlando

There is a wide range of restaurants in this water parklike Waterstone Grill, Banana Beach Cookout, Kiwi Market, etc that serve visitors different food and beverage options.

Dining Options Aquatica Orlando
  • The most interesting part of the restaurants in Aquatica is that they are usually located near a water slide or ride for you to always have a nice refreshment after each fun.
  • Some of the Aquatica restaurants like Walkabout Pizza, Papa’s Cantina, Kura’s Beachside Panini, etc open seasonally.
  • Aquatica Park also offers several allergen-friendly edibles for your special dietary needs. You can find the list of these foods and drinks including where you can get them by asking the staff at the main meal facilities.

Winner: Aquatica Park better than Adventure Island because it features quite a number of restaurants than Adventure. The location of these dining options is close to each ride for the convenience of their guests.

8. Shopping Outlet

You can go shopping at Adventure Island Surf Shop for items like gifts, Florida souvenirs, sunscreens, towels, water accessories, etc.

Shopping Outlet Adventure Island

Aquatica park also features two shopping outlets named Kiwi Trader and Adaptations where you can buy gift items, waterpark wear, and souvenirs, from popular brands like Roxy, Reef, etc.

Shopping Outlet Aquatica

Winner: Also, Aquatica better adventure island because you have two shopping options for you to get a variety of items.

9. Accessibility Features

Adventure Island and Aquatica cater to the needs of people with disabilities. Adventure Island provides wheelchair rentals for the physically challenged while Aquatica Water Park is well-known as Autism certified center.

Accessibility Features

Winner: there is no winner here, both have ways in which they care for their guests with special needs.

An Overview of Tourist Real Experiences and Reviews

Deciding whether Aquatica is better than Adventure Island does not only rely on description features but it is a good idea that you have additional reviews of other people who have visited the parks too.

Reading these reviews gives you an assertion about what I have mentioned above concerning the parks. Below are the experiences tourists mentioned in review platforms;

Scubagirl999 from Naples, Florida says:

If you are traveling between Orlando and Tampa and you don’t know if you should choose this park or Aquatica, go to Aquatica – it has more modern slides, they mist the ground so it doesn’t get too hot to walk on, many play areas for little kids, they have TWO lazy rivers (one we nicknamed the crazy river because you wear a life vest and it’s FAST!) It’s just obvious they’ve put more money into that park. It’s So fun! Scubagirl999 Traveler

GypsyLady1111 from Tampa, Florida shares her experience:

Adventure Island is way better! Aquatica Park is way too busy! The slides were okay but the lines were so long. The lazy river was the best part and one of them was closed all day! We left early didn’t meet my expectations. Getting a cabana was not worth the money I spent. Had to fight over chairs, not many areas with shade if you don’t shell out the money for the cabana. The food was cafeteria quality. Will not go back. GypsyLady1111 Traveler

Final Verdict: Adventure Island vs Aquatica Orlando

Choosing the best between Adventure Island and Aquatica Orlando greatly depends on your personal preference and your budget.

Final Verdict Adventure Island vs Aquatica Orlando
  • Aquatica: It is the best for family fun with the varieties of activities, two lazy rivers mesmerizing water slides, etc for all age groups, but the clause here is their high ticket price and crowd level. You can visit this park during non-peak time to avoid crowds and waiting for turns.
  • Adventure Island: If you are the kind of person who likes having a mixed form of entertainment and highly thrilling rides on a low budget, I will recommend you visit Adventure Island.


Is Adventure Island or Aquatica better?

Aquatica is better because it has a wide variety of modern water slides and two lazy rivers, Reef plunges with a tube for guests to play with dolphins. There are also different food and beverage options available to all their guests.

What are all the rides at Adventure Island?

All the rides at Adventure include Rapids Racer, Aruba Tuba, and Wahoo! Remix was known before as Wahoo Run.

How many rides are there at Aquatica?

Aquatica Orlando Park has a total of 7 rides.


Adventure Island and Aquatica Orlando are wonderful water parks, both may have some similar features but different names in terms of slides, rides, food court, Lazy rivers, restaurants, and wave Pools. They also have specific attributes unique to each and picking the best between these water parks is very difficult.

Adventure Island stands out with its action-packed rides, attractions, and the mixture of two themes. It is family-friendly and is an option for a low-budget vacation. Aquatica is known for its varieties of water slides and rides that are kid-friendly with an underwater theme. Although its tickets are quite expensive and are usually crowded every day except for a few occasions.

Which water park have you ever visited in Florida? Please tell me about your experience in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

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